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Unseen evil: a terrorific review of the ‘Invisible Man’

Elisabeth Moss faces off against an unseen antagonist in xe2x80x9cThe Invisible Man.xe2x80x9d [Universal Pictures]

By Jamie Miller

Well, folks Blumhouse Productions has done it again. Yes, those producers from such twisted horror movies such as “Happy Death Day,” “Sinister,” and “Paranormal Activity,” bring you another vision of fear, they bring you “The Invisible Man.” 

But how is that sightless horror? Is it fear like the invisible man could be watching you? Or, a fear that the movie is horrible and will never end? Well, I’m here to give you the scoop, so put on your reading glasses and enjoy.

The Invisible Man stars famed actor from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Elizabeth Moss, as Cecila, the abused girlfriend of a wealthy scientist who narrowly escapes him into the dead of night. Some time later Cecila, hiding with a childhood friend and his teenage daughter is notified that the scientist Adrian Griffin has killed himself and curiously left her $5 million dollars in his will. Upon collecting the money strange events begin to occur and Cecila is locked in a battle not just for her life and the lives of those she cares for, but in a battle for her very sanity. The suspense builds as Cecila tries to figure out how to beat an enemy that could be anywhere at any time. 

The film also stars Oliver Jackson Cohen of “Haunting of Hill House” as the titular Invisible Man, Aldis Hodge, known from the WGN series “Underground” as her childhood friend James, Storm Reid from “A Wrinkle In Time” as James’s daughter, Harriet Dyer from “No Activity,” and Michael Dorman known from movies such as “Killer Elite” and “Daybreakers” playing the role of the invisible enemy’s brother. 

The movie is actually pretty creepy, dare I say scary, and in today’s world of being desensitized to violence and horror that is quite the accomplishment. Moss does a superb job of Cecila’s descent into fear and her frustration when no one believes her. Although the movie is slow in some parts and just dragging in others the wait is worth it, once it gets going it is really good. And Moss’s portrayal really gets across  Cecila’s fear and paranoia. All in all, a very good movie I’d give it a 7 out of 10. You should see this movie, although I must give a word of warning. After seeing it, being home alone will never feel the same.



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