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Arrow to the heart: a review of the bleak future of ‘Code 8’

Screenshot from the Netflix website showing the details of Code 8.

By Jamie Miller

Well, here we are again, gentle readers, still stuck at home with very little to do. Now if you’ve read my previous articles, you have good ideas for TV shows to watch during these trying times. But today I have something different for you. Yes, I have a movie suggestion. A movie that brings together Stephen Amell known for playing Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the TV show Arrow, and his real life cousin, Robbie Amell aka The original half of Firestorm from the Flash. And boy do they bring the heat.

“Code 8,” released in 2019, is currently trending in the top 10 movies on Netflix. It takes place in a world where those with superpowers exist but are discriminated against and live in poverty. A world all too real to minorities and those who are discriminated against. Powers are forced to register their abilities, are feared and demonized, and are often hunted down by “guardians” robotic drones that are often used to gun down resistant powers. Often they work as undocumented workers or as straight up criminals. Robbie Amell plays Connor Reed, a young superhuman trying to earn money to save his mother, played by Kari Matchett and known as Joan Cambell from Covert Affairs, who is dying of cancer. Connor is an “Electric” which means he can control and harness electricity. Desperate for money, he signs on with Garrett (played by Stephen Amell), a Telekinetic and life-long criminal who takes Connor under his wing. Both work for a man named Marcus Sutcliffe, a drug lord who traffics “Psyke,” a drug made from the spinal fluid of superhumans. Also starring in the film are Sung Kang as Agent Park, a detective who is sympathetic to the plight of the powerful, and Kyla Kane as Nia, a superhuman with the power to heal people with a touch at a cost. 

The movie starts off slow as a stoner in a gas station, but it kinda picks up. Although my one complaint is they don’t showcase as much superhuman combat as I would have liked. However, the acting and plot are solid, and it’s Stephen and Robbie Amell together. I’m pretty sure that will never not be good. All in all, I give the movie 7.5 out of 10 stars. Check it out – especially if you have nothing better to do.