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Has your household participated in the 2020 national census yet?

The U.S. Census helps the government determine which states get how much funding for the next 10 years. [File Photo]

The 2020 United States national census is currently ongoing and will have significant, long-lasting effects on local federal funding for a variety of issues from highway infrastructure to school lunches. In order to ensure this funding goes where it is needed it is important to make sure everyone in your household is counted.

If your household hasn’t already, you can participate in the census through the mail by filling out the paper questionnaire mailed to your home, over the phone at 1-844-330-2020, or online at 2020census.gov using your Census ID number on the letter of invitation that is mailed out with the paper questionnaire.

If needed, you can find a guide for completing the census in 59 non-English languages online and there is a Spanish version of the official website.

A preview and explanations for the questions on the census can be found online. There is no question on the census regarding citizenship.

When answering questions for the census you should use April 1 as a point of reference. So you would consider anyone who was living in your household on April 1 even if they have since moved out.

College students who would normally be living away from home on or off-campus but are currently living at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic should still be counted as living at their school’s location as normal. The Census Bureau works directly with colleges to count these students.

The deadline for completing the census has been pushed back from July 31 to August 14 as a result of COVID-19, but the sooner you fill out and complete the census the less Census Bureau employees will be required to go out knocking in person at unresponsive households.


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