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How are celebrities spending their time in self-isolation?

A still from John Krasinski's Youtube series "Some Good News"

By Devin Jones

Seeing as millions of citizens worldwide are stuck inside and self-isolating, some celebrities have taken to the internet to help pass the time together.

Actor John Krasinski is one example of that. Krasinski started a YouTube series by the name of  “Some Good News” with his children and wife, actress Emily Blunt. The aim of the show is to deliver a little good news to the world and to put smiles on the faces of as many people as he can.

Instagram live has been a popular destination for many artists, some of which have been stuck at home with their musical equipment. The trend of “IG live concerts” has taken the platform by storm, with artists from rapper-singer Swae Lee going as far as to “bring a fan up on stage,” stagedive, and perform a 30-minute set.

Athletes have also been doing their part on all fronts. Former NBA MVP Steph Curry hosted Dr. Stephen Fauci, an infectious disease expert and member of the White House coronavirus task force, on his Instagram live to ask him questions about the coronavirus, how to protect yourself from it, and how to prevent the spread of misinformation regarding it.

Self-proclaimed “twitter philanthropist” Bill Pulte has also begun helping people reach their GoFundMe goals by posting their campaigns on Twitter.

Many artists and athletes have also taken to streaming video games to help pass the time. All-Star basketball player Devin Booker and multi-platinum selling artist Offset are only a couple of examples of celebrities who have decided to spend their time streaming.

This period of encouraged “self-isolation” has helped people across the globe realize the importance of the fact that we all share humanity and has encouraged people to use their newfound free time to give back to others who are in need.