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Seen and Heard: Fifth Installment April 11-17


Fifth edition: April 11-17


My house

First weeks of April

Reported by Anthony Clark Jr.

There isn’t much to report on besides updates on the number of confirmed cases throughout Michigan and any loosened/tightened restrictions that are in effect to suppress the spread. Each passing day mirrors the one previous to it – wake up, make my bed, and wait until it’s time to go to sleep later that night. I cannot imagine living in a rural area with no commodities or resources on a daily basis because I myself am losing my mind by sitting in the house doing nothing. Whenever I do venture out it’s only for food, and I have noticed more and more people wearing different forms of PPE, thankfully.


April 15

Reported by Maxx Kriger

Has anyone else put on like 5-10 pounds in the last couple of weeks? Quarantine is not good on the abs. Neither is the “Tiger King” drinking game, nor consuming three hot dogs one day, then two burgers the next.

But hey, can you blame me? I go on at least two half mile runs with my dog every day. I play catch in the yard (with my wife and or my dog) and I’ve been keeping up with chores and homework. But then I get all that done and it’s 2-4 p.m.

Then I start thinking, what sounds good to eat? And I don’t stop until about 10p.m.- midnight. My belly button has been an outie- that’s right- an outie. Not a little hole in my belly for lint to be stored, but a weird shaped nub that protruded my abs.

But alas, now my tummy has accumulated enough mass that it has swallowed that little nub. After having put on this layer of pudge, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to recover. Dad-bod, here I come.


My neighborhood

April 12

Reported by Kellie Book

I have been spending entirely too much time indoors these past few days, but the warm weather from last week lured me outside, and I’m so glad it did. All I did was bring the dog for a loop around the neighborhood, but it was enough to boost my energy level. Seeing the spring flowers, Wes’s goofy grin (pictured), and my neighbors also enjoying the sunshine made virtually being a shut-in so much more bearable. I’m not the only one: I see several families walk past my house every single day that I had never seen previously. I’m glad to see other people doing things to stay mentally and physically healthy while in a situation that can easily lead to a cycle of unhelpful habits.

Kellie Book | The Collegiate Live


Charlevoix, MI

April 16

Reported by Joshua Carlson

Today I started building a desk in my dad’s shop that I will be putting in my room. My dad had all the materials that I needed already because he stores his lumber for his company inside of the shop, so it was easily accessible. I worked for a couple of hours and got everything measured and cut and will probably start putting everything together tomorrow. It’s a nice way to pass the time and gets me out of my bedroom.

Joshua Carlson
Joshua Carlson



April 15

Reported by Kory Goldsmith

Being someone who didn’t want to watch “Tiger King,” I looked for another reality tv show to watch on Netflix. As a fan of “Married at First Sight,” a show featuring singles who get married to someone without ever seeing them, I thought “Love is Blind” would be a good option for me to watch. In “Love is Blind,” you watch single men and women try to find their future spouse by interacting with them without seeing them. The men and women interact with one another in private rooms separated by a glass wall with the person they’re talking to on the other side. They must choose someone within a certain number of days and marry the person they choose after finally being able to see them. There are 10 episodes showing these singles interacting with one another and their weddings with the person they chose. There’s a reunion episode after the 10 episodes. Want to watch people fall in love, deal with everyday issues, and get married? Then “Love is Blind” is a good reality show option.


The Miller Cave

April 16

Reported by Jamie Miller

WWE: a tribute to a legend and “We Waste Everyone”

Well thetime has arrived, WWE’s annual releases, ahh yes that time of year where talent, many of them with very high potential, who either do stupid things, want to retire, or more often Vince McMahon got tired of, are wished well on their future endevors. However, due to the Coronavirus WWE seems to have “thrown more talent overboard” than usual.  Among them were three “developmental” wrestlers, numerous main roster wrestlers, and a referee. Way to show team spirit guys, release your talent when they need a paycheck the most, good job. I mean, sure, some of these guys were never going to cut it in the WWE, but talent like Zack Ryder and Rusev had charisma. The fans liked and supported them and Vince McMahon  and WWE seemed to punish them for that support. Not to mention Maria and Mike Kanellis were natural “heels,” aka bad guys. I mean, Maria is an excellent talker and Mike is very athletic and talented. And EC3… how they handled him actually makes me angry. Not to mention numerous other wrestlers that I don’t have time nor space to mention. All this athleticism, all this charisma, all this talent… WWE wasted it all. They don’t even have the decency to wait until after this pandemic is over to release them so they can find another promotion to wrestle for. Sigh. That being said, another event happened in the wrestling world. Legendary WWE ring announcer Howard Finkel has died. Finkel had been with the WWE since the 70’s and coined the term Wrestlemania. He was beloved by wrestling fans everywhere, including myself. I guess the afterlife has a “NEW” soul.


Grand Rapids, Michigan

April 16

Reported by Tessa Schulz

Having a Holiday during quarantine was something I hadn’t imagined experiencing before. This Easter was accompanied by my usual quarantine crew and hearing fireworks from the neighbors. Seeing the fireworks through the window on Easter during this time was almost a deep reminder of the unity of everyone during this time. This week I have been volunteering in whatever ways I can think of from home. This dreary cold weather has definitely been draining for me and many people I know. I’ve personally found that giving myself something to look forward to has motivated me to look past our present situation. Seeing those two unique red, white, blue, and green fireworks was something unexpected, yet a beautiful reminder. This week I ordered something I was in need of on Amazon and received a mask in the mail from the shipper as well. It truly is the small things that make a huge impact.


Wyoming, Michigan

April 17

Reported by Devin Jones

As of Apr. 15, President Donald Trump officially named the WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon an adviser to his cabinet that is going to help restart the economy. McMahon is well-known as the man who turned professional wrestling into the billion-dollar business that it is today by using ruthless business tactics all throughout the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, expanding the reach of his company as far as possible and buying out as many competitors as he could while doing it.

Despite his past success, McMahon is also known for sinking money into many questionable investments. The biggest example of this would be the XFL, which was originally meant to be a competitor of the National Football League in the early 2000s. The league lasted one season, then was promptly canceled after it failed to turn a profit. Many believe the league failed on its original run because of questionable production choices, such as the decision the league made to host scripted moments in between quarters of play, similar to what you’d see in WWE. The league attempted a comeback in 2020, once again headed by McMahon. The league, as of early April, was shut down without intent to reopen. Although McMahon has one large success to his name, he also has many notable failures; the kind of failures that you don’t want to see on a national scale.