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Many traveling to see the tulips in Holland against mayors request

Holland's tulip festival is attracting a decent amount of visiter's despite mayor's request that people not go as concerns over COVID-19 remain high (Sabrina Edwards/The Collegiate).

The 91st celebration of the Tulip Time festival, originally scheduled May 2-10, was cancelled for 2020. However, many people are taking it upon themselves to go see the tulips in Holland.

The festival cancellation was announced via Twitter on March 16. 

Holland Mayor Nathan Bocks announced via video asking people to not travel to Holland to see the tulips this year. A main reason behind this is that Holland doesn’t have proper infrastructure to host the event with many businesses closed due to COVID 19. 

Statue’s donning face masks as the coronavirus continues to keep Michigan on lockdown (Sabrina Edwards/The Collegiate).

Bocks stated that the city administrator’s first responsibility is to keep their residents safe, and that they’re looking forward to Tulip Time 2021.

The tulips were planted far before the cancellation was announced. Despite the concern for the health and safety of visitors, many are disregarding the mayor’s request and traveling to Holland to see the tulips as they bloom. 

For anyone who wants to see the tulips virtually, there is a live feed of the gardens so you can view them from the safety of your own home. There is also information for those who are looking to plant their own tulips.