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Seen and Heard: Eighth Installment

(Abby Haywood/The Collegiate)

Eighth Edition: May 23-29

There are a plethora of changes COVID-19 has brought to our world. Developments are mounting daily, sometimes hourly. The Collegiate staff documented a few snippets of the things we’ve seen and heard. For this edition, we discussed how our technology use has changed over the past few months while in quarantine.

10 a.m. on Thursday, May 28
Allie Ouendag

Over the past couple months I thought I was so lucky that despite the circumstances I could still use social media to connect with my friends. But I have also seen the consequences of it after spending hours and hours scrolling through Instagram. At first it started just because I was bored, but I soon felt almost trapped to it checking every second from updates from my friends. It’s understandable that in this time of stress and uncertainty I would want to be more attached socially, however I still texted my friends daily and social media was not giving me the same type of social connection. Despite all of this, I am still grateful for Twitter memes that keep things lighthearted and give me something to do. I’ve slowly tried to distance myself from using apps to connect with people and just text them instead. 

1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 28
Sabrina Edwards

I don’t think the way I use technology has changed, but my intake has. Due to the fact that I have a lot more time on my hands I find myself using my devices more. I’ve been binge watching more shows on Netflix and Hulu. As well as mindlessly scrolling social media when I’m bored, which is a lot. This has also given me a lot of time to practice editing with the Adobe Suite. While my screen time has definitely increased, I’m trying to use this time to broaden my skill sets.

Fort Miller
11:22 p.m. on Thursday, May 28
Jamie Miller

Technology, some see it as the coming of the end, some see it as the ultimate salvation. I, myself, am still on the fence. However, I will say that it sure is helpful during these dark days of the disease known as the coronavirus. I mean until recently I had been held up in my basement for over two months, without technology I would have gone full all work and no play, make Jamie a dull boy. I mean for me Netflix and chill literally means Netflix and chill. Without technology I would not be writing this, actually without technology I wouldn’t be doing much of anything. As I would have no internet, no TV, no Xbox, heck I would have no electricity. And while yes, we have become reliant on technology, perhaps too much, I think you all would agree it has come in handy during these times. Zoom allows employees and students  to continue meeting, Netflix and other streaming services keep us from losing our minds, and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites allow us to keep in contact with family and friends. Now while we may rely a little too much on machines, for today at least, it seems they have our back. 

Grand Rapids
2:29 p.m. on Friday, May 29
Brianna Wetherbee

Though most people will tell a tale of increased screen usage during the course of this global pandemic, that hasn’t been the case with myself; at least, for personal use, that is. The only wear my Apple Watch has gotten in the last two and a half months is when I put it on before working out, and I even forget to do that at times. Previously it would be an accessory around my wrist at all times. Truthfully it has felt freeing to have some disconnect from constant push notifications and email alerts. I have found that I am able to be more present when I don’t inundate myself with a constant stream of alerts. I set a schedule each day and complete my work during the time blocked off. While I appreciate the essential role technology plays, I, too, appreciate the ability to turn my phone on silent and focus on that which is in front of me. Whether that be an evening walk, eating dinner with my family, or spending time with my sister.