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Shoot for the stars: a heroic review of ‘Stargirl’

A column straight from the unorthodox mind of Jamie Miller. Often written during the middle of the night, Miller provides reviews of TV shows and movies, books, and details life through from his perspective (artwork by Abby Haywood/The Collegiate).

By Jamie Miller – 12:25 a.m.

Greetings heroes and heroines, it is I, “the defender in the darkness,” Jamie Miller, here with what I’m sure you’ll find to be a nice change of pace from what’s going on in the world. I’m gonna take you readers back to what we devised Night Light to be… a place to get away from the sadness and despair of the world, a light in the dark. Hence the name. That being said, tonight I’m going to fall back on one of my specialities: reviews. In these trying times I think I have picked the perfect show, “Stargirl.” Yes, I think in times like these a superhero show is just “what the doctor ordered.” And if you agree… well, keep reading.

“Stargirl,” which airs on the CW network along with the DC Universe app, is the tale of Courtney Whitmore, a high school sophomore who moves to the small town of Blue Valley, Nebraska, along with her mother Barbara, stepfather Pat Dugan, and his son Mike. Her first day of high school did not go well. However, her life and very destiny changes when, while going through her stepfather’s things, she finds a glowing stick – what we DC fans know to be the cosmic staff. Joining with her stepfather, once a sidekick of the great superhero Starman, they seek to root out and bring to justice members of The Injustice Society, who have been hiding amongst the residents of the town seeking to further a sinister  plan. The Injustice Society is a supervillain team that was responsible for the deaths of the Justice Society of America, a legendary superhero team of which Starman was a member. Whitmore is the first person who has been able to make the staff glow since the fall of Starman. However, down the line Whitmore will discover that she needs “friends” in this fight and thus the JSA will live again.

Stargirl features Brec Bassinger, known from Nickelodeon shows such as “Bella and the Bulldogs,” “The Haunted Hathaways,” and their reboot of “School of Rock” in the titular role of a character named Kale. Luke Wilson plays Dugan, who is known for his role as the former sidekick of Starman and Stargirl’s crime fighting partner S.T.R.I.P.E. Yvette Monreal is Yolanda Montez/ Wildcat II, a young woman who was once a popular kid at Blue Valley High School until she suffered a terrible “fall from grace” and became a social pariah. Anjelika Washington plays Beth Chapel/ Doctor Mid-Nite II, a young girl with no friends who is recruited by Whitmore to be her team’s version of Doctor Mid-Nite. Camron Gellman portrays Rick Tyler/ Hourman II, a rebel and the son of the deceased Hourman and heir to his “legacy.”

This motley crew of heroes must face an insidious alliance of villains in the form of what remains of The Injustice Society. Chief among them being  Icicle/ Jordan Mahkent, a cryokinetic villain and leader of the society, who is played by Neil Jackson who is known from “Quantum of Solace.” Eric Goins plays the Gambler/ Steven Sharpe, a master of deception, and Neil Hopkins is “Crusher” Crock/ Sportsmaster, a meathead of a villain who uses sports themed weaponry. Joy Osmanski plays Paula Brooks/ Tigress, a master hand to hand fighter and wife to Sportsmaster. 

Based on what I’ve seen the show is very good. Which I find impressive by itself as it is based for the most part on the “golden age of comics” which was a very colorful and goofy time. The show has very good dialogue and wit, but can also toy with your emotions and bring you from happy and light one second, to depressing and dark the next. Which I have come to expect from the “Arrowverse” shows. All in all I give it 8 torches out of 10. Watch this show. As dark as it is, it still has a very strong message, that even in the darkest of places there is light, there are heroes. Which I think is important to realize in times like these. You see, I still believe in heroes. Do you? If so, this show is for you.