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“Limbo” by Aminé: an album review


Adam Aminé Daniel, more famously known as Aminé, released his sophomore album “Limbo” Aug. 7. 

Aminé is best known from his first single, “Caroline,” which climbed the billboard charts. His debut studio album, “Good For You,” was released in 2017. The rapper found success in that record and released a mixtape in 2018 titled “OnePointFive.”

Popular for his visuals, Aminé takes the norms of the rap industry, incorporating them in his own way. He uses a lot of pastel colors and different themes than seen previously in rap music videos.

Aminé teased the album with three single drops: “Compensating” featuring Young Thug, “Riri,” and “Shimmy.” The album also features JID, Charlie Wilson, slowthai, Vince Staples, Summer Walker, and Injury Reserve.

This album is exceptional and extremely versatile. There’s a mix of songs about growing up, love songs, hard hitting rap verses, and a commemoration to his mother as well as how the death of Kobe Bryant affected him.

After listening to the whole album, my favorite tracks are “Woodlawn,” “Shimmy,” and “Pressure in My Palms.”

While he’s known for his witty hard hitting verses, Aminé pairs rap with melody. This album showcases his skills and he has a variety of them.

Aminé makes music that people can relate to. “Mama,” features verses like “used to promise when I’m rich that I would get your favorite whip, you was my lift before the Lyft, so you deserve you a coupe.” A lot of people can relate to the want to give back to the person who raises you.

His record talks about a lot of societal issues that impact the rap community, whether this be goals for their children, the influence of guns, racial issues, the need for materialistic items versus their actual worth, or the impact of the death of prominent figures.

The record closes out with “My Reality.” Aminé discusses his fame and how he’s coping with it, creating his fantasy a reality. 

Aminé has shown incredible growth throughout his career. Everything he does, he does with purpose.

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