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The host will see you now: a review of Shudder’s ‘Host’

A column header designed for Night Light by Jamie Miller, a culmination of reviews opinion from a night owl (Abby Haywood/The Collegiate).

By Jamie Miller

Greetings Nightlighters it is I, “the ghoulish” Jamie Miller here with a rare daytime edition of Nightlight. And today lads and lasses I’m going to review something a little different. Today, I’m going to review a little movie called “Host.” 

“Host,” which was released back in July, is an interesting film as it was filmed entirely using Zoom. Did it work? Well, keep reading to find out.

The premise of “Host” is pretty simple. Friends bored during lockdown decide to hold seance over Zoom and everything goes to Hell… literally.  Through the arrogance of one of the friends something other than a friendly spirit is released. As a result they begin getting picked off one by one and the dwindling friends must try to find a way to survive the night… somehow.

The movie stars Haley Bishop as Haley, Jemma Moore as Jemma, Emma Lousie Webb as Emma, Alan Emrys as Alan the lone male in the chat and Seylan Baxter as Seylan the medium performing the seance. 

What can I say about this movie? Well, to sum its acts up in three words. Boring, then ok, then finally cliche. While the Zoom part is pretty cool and creative, the beginning where they build the characters is tedious beyond belief, and I still couldn’t describe most of the characters to you. I will admit the middle of the movie where the cast starts dropping like flies is pretty good, but then in the finale they go full on cliche to the point the final scare borrows most of its idea from another horror movie called “Mama” which I would recommend you watch instead. 

At the end of the day the demon you need to worry about isn’t the one from this movie… It’s me if I ever have to watch this film again. So much potential wasted. I had such high hopes. I give this movie 3.5 torches out of 10. I mean if you want something different than maybe you can watch this, but once the novelty of the Zoom gimmick wears off the predictability becomes far scarier than this movie. Just remember dear readers, this not so terrifying trainwreck is available on Shudder aka they who have “screams on demand” it starts at $4.75 a month, and while “Host” may have not been a great movie by any stretch of the imagination in my opinion. Shudder does have some good movies, from “Ginger Snaps,” to “Mayhem.” The list of movies here is long, surely there will be something for everyone to watch.