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COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Michigan and impact schools

Coronavirus update art (Abby Haywood//The Collegiate)

By Sabrina Edwards

COVID-19 cases are still climbing in Michigan. As of Wednesday there are 150,989 total cases. This is impacting schools around West Michigan, as many continue to report spikes in cases.

Grand Rapids Community College has reported 41 total student cases, eight from the week of Oct. 12 through 18. Staff cases are at five total, with one being reported last week.

Grand Valley State University has 53 active cases currently. Ten being faculty or staff, three on-campus, and 40 off-campus in the surrounding counties. This brings the total number of cases 1,029.

Michigan State University reported 25 positive cases, the school has had a total of 1,686 cases. MSU currently has four on-campus residents in isolation and seven in quarantine.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference to speak about the rise in cases in Michigan. 

“I want to urge all Michiganders to wear their masks when they leave their homes,” said Whitmer.

Whitmer mentioned Wisconsin and how their cases spiked after removing their mandates, which is why she is urging residents of Michigan to keep wearing their masks and not to gather with people outside of their household.

Whitmer also advised people to get a flu shot, citing that this flu season could cause cases to spike drastically. 

The rise in cases is also impacting K-12 schools in the West Michigan area. 46 superintendent’s from surrounding counties signed a letter asking the public to adhere to social distancing guidelines and mask mandates. While there is the possibility that schools will have to switch to distance learning, the superintendent’s are asking families to do all they can to keep schools safe and open.

“Schools are vital in meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of students and families. We must do everything we can to keep schools safe and open.” 

In Kent County alone, there are approximately 155 cases tied to schools, ranging from K-12 through higher education.


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