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Police reports Sept. 27 through Oct. 3

Grand Rapids Community College parking structure (Sabrina Edwards/The Collegiate)

By Kory Goldsmith

Firefighters and ambulance called to assist man sleeping in road

On Oct. 2 at 9:49 a.m. Grand Rapids Community College Officers Paul Coulson and Kaye Newberry were dispatched to the GRCC Preschool where a man was sleeping in the street on Claremont Avenue. The Grand Rapids Fire Department and an American Medical Response ambulance crew were already at the scene when Newberry and Coulson arrived. The man  explained that he was resting in the grass in an adjacent yard due to pain caused by a titanium rod in his left leg. The individual was cooperative. GRCC Police had prior  contact with the man, the last time being approximately two years ago. 

Man trespassing while charging phone in parking garage

On Sept. 30 at 11:37 a.m., Officer Kaye Newberry was dispatched to the lower level of the College Park Plaza parking area where she found a homeless man with several electronics plugged into an outlet in the parking garage area. Officer Tony Myers was also on the scene. The man was found sitting on multiple sheets and had a sheet draped over two shopping carts to hide himself. The man said he was given permission to use the outlet by “a guy loading boxes into the building.” Newberry informed the man he was trespassing and that he could charge his phone at the patio tables on the south end of Bostwick Commons but would need to move on after charging his phone. He was given a verbal warning for trespassing and advised of the GRCC campus boundaries.