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Decision Day: Who do GRCC students intend to vote for?

Residents wait in line to vote at the Wicker Park Social Center on October 06, 2020 in Highland, Indiana. (Scott Olson/Getty Images/TNS)

By Jamie Miller 

With election day drawing ever closer, the time has come for every registered voter to decide who they will vote for president. Will it be Donald Trump? Or will it be Joe Biden? 

Members of the Collegiate staff interviewed would-be voters to find out where they stand. 

“I plan to vote for Joe Biden,” said Elise Longley, 21, of Marquette, who is voting in her first presidential election. “I determined who I would vote for because of affiliation, through watching televised debates, and comparing policies of the candidates.”  

When asked if she thinks the election will be done fairly she replied, ”For the most part, I  trust my vote will be fairly counted.” 

However, she did say that she is concerned about what may happen after election day. 

First-time presidential voter, Anna Hodson, 18, of Rockford, was not as optimistic about the fairness of the voting process, but did say she will accept the end result no matter who wins.

“I do trust my vote will be counted but I think the system the U.S. uses, like the Electoral College, aren’t necessarily fair,” Hodson said. “I won’t trust  the end result, but I will accept it.” 

She, like many, also sees no need for guns at the polling sites.

”There is no need for people to bring guns,” Hodson said. “I believe guns increase the risk of violence.”  

However, not every student is leaning toward the blue, there are some red learners as well among them.

Voted for Trump in the 2016 election and am voting for Trump again,” said Tyler Fuchs, 22, of Allendale. “I’m not really concerned about the outcome, but I am somewhat afraid about how the economy will be in the next few years if Biden is elected president.” 

Fuchs said he also believes there will be a peaceful transfer of power.

“Yes, I think if Trump legitimately loses the election the exchange of power will be peaceful. I think Trump as well as the media have blown that part out of proportion. I just do not see Trump refusing to turn over power in a legitimate loss of the election.”

 Alyssah Adamy, Kaia Zimmerman, Mya Gregory, Sharon Becker, Alex Williams, Connor Lannen, and Anthony Raymond contributed to this report