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Ferris professor put on leave after student newspaper uncovers a history of science denial

Screenshot of Thomas Brennan's Twitter account

By Alexandria Williams

A Ferris State University assistant professor of physical science was placed on administrative leave Nov. 20, after over comments made during a faculty meeting held over Zoom. 

“The pandemic and riots are a leftist stunt to overthrow the United States government and destroy our liberties,” said Thomas Brennan in the Zoom meeting. 

Shortly after controversial tweets were brought to light in an article published by Torch, the FSU’s student newspaper. Brennan who teaches physics and astronomy, has a twitter that he uses under his real name as a sounding board for views he holds that includes tweets such as… 

Screenshot of some of Brennan’s tweets. Sabrina Edwards | The Collegiate Live

One of his most inflammatory tweets which has now been deleted said…

Another one of Brennan’s tweets he has since deleted. Sabrina Edwards | The Collegiate Live

He claimed later that he used the n-word in this tweet because it is a “mind control spell” and that by saying it he was attempting to neutralize the spell. 

Though the Zoom comments were made in August of 2020 and was disciplined at the time, Thomas Brennan was not placed on leave till a few days after the Torch story broke, at which time FSU administrators  placed Brennan on administrative leave, which he is currently on.

“We are steadfast in ensuring this work continues and will not tolerate behavior that undermines this commitment or the University’s core values,” reads a statement from the college issued on November 23rd. 

Brennan has written a letter “To  the Ferris Community” in which he claims that the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine will be “the mark of the beast” from the book of Revelation, Chapter 13:16-17.  He also claims that he is being silenced by a leftist conspiracy within Ferris which works via “mind control spell.” He additionally said that the moon landing was fake, that NASA has lied about the temperature of the moon and that the moon glows red during solar eclipses because it is being super heated by the sun. 

He has since started making tweets expressing his disapproval of the initial Torch article and accusations about Ferris administration including…

Brennan tweeting his thoughts about Ferris State University. Sabrina Edwards | The Collegiate Live

All of which he has tagged the Editor-In-Chief of Torch, and student Cora Hall. He started following Cora the day before Thanksgiving after the story had been released. They had no interaction until that point outside of “a couple emails” The first Tweet he tagged her in was the 25th, of Nov the day he followed her. She describes the incident as “a little bit uncomfortable” because of the volume of tweets she received. She says that he stopped tweeting her after a few days and does not consider the incident harassment, as she is the Editor-In-Chief of the paper that broke the story about him.

On his profile for ratemyprofessors.com students have said he “has several conspiracy theories that he will spend most or all of lecture talking about instead of the material that people have questions on.” 

He is currently running a YouTube channel that he posts physics lectures on. He also has a personal website in which he describes himself as” an embattled professor of physics and astronomy at Ferris State University who’s making a stand against the forces of the AntiChrist.”



  1. Why in God’s name is this individual educating other human beings? I’ve heard many times recently that better mental evaluation is needed when hiring police – perhaps academia could use a little nut-screening as well.


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