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GRCC offers help to frontline students with FAFSA

A GRCC student working, courtesy photo (Andrew Schmidt)

Alyssah Adamy

This year has been very hard for many people, especially front line workers. With COVID-19 cases on the rise once again in Michigan, many students are having difficulty finding safe jobs to pay for their second semester of schooling. The good news for those who worked frontline jobs in essential industries during the shutdown last spring is that Grand Rapids Community College is partnering with the Futures for Frontliners initiative to help frontliners cover the cost of their education.

 This state scholarship provides free tuition access to Michigan residents pursuing associate’s degrees at their local community college. The deadline to apply is Dec. 31. For more information, visit GRCC’s Future for Frontliners page.

“Futures for Frontliners is a wonderful opportunity for people to start or continue their educational journey,” said Dave Murray, Director of Communications at GRCC.  “A GRCC education can help people who worked during the COVID-19 shutdown advance in their careers and truly change their lives. The state program removes cost as an obstacle. Completing the federal FAFSA financial aid form is an important step in this process, and GRCC’s financial aid experts are ready to assist anyone.”

This will hopefully lessen the stress for students who are out risking their lives just to get an education. To date, more than 1,700 students have been accepted into the program and more than 6,000 are currently being reviewed for the grant. If you are a student who qualifies for this grant, GRCC urges you to apply.. There are too many stressful things going on in the world, worrying about education does not need to be another stresser.


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