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Tension rises as the Electoral College cast their votes

President-elect Joe Biden gives a thumbs-up as he leaves Pennsylvania Hospital after a follow-up appointment at the radiology department Dec. 12, 2020 in Philadelphia, Penn.

By Annah Johnson

The Electoral College makes the final decision today, casting their ballots for President and Vice President. With much contention over the validity of the November election coming from the current President Donald Trump, the general purpose of today’s proceedings is to reaffirm the wins of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and national tension, the often overlooked formality in the process of electing a president is getting much attention. Traditionally, the Electoral College voters cast their ballots together in their respective state Legislative or Capitol buildings. This year, they are being televised as physically distanced events, some in traditional locations and others in gymnasiums and community buildings. 

While some states are voting in a nonconventional way to practice safety precautions during the pandemic, Michigan has an added layer of danger to avoid. The Capitol and Legislative buildings in the state have been closed to the public due to credible threats of violence. Police escorts for electors and remote meetings will take place to protect members from any danger that may arise.

Rep. Gary Eisen, R-St. Claire Township, made comments on a local radio station that protests following the vote will be violent, and that he is a coordinator of the protests. Eisen has been reprimanded for his comments in light of the recent dangerous threats to leaders in Lansing and is no longer able to participate in committee assignments for the rest of the term. 

Trump and his supporters hold firmly that the election was rigged and that Biden did not genuinely win on fair grounds. Although these claims have been continuously found to be baseless upon multiple investigations and many state ballot recounts, many Trump supporters are out in protest against the Electoral College’s vote in hopes to overturn the election.