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Faces of GRCC – David Houck

New Grand Rapids Community College student David Houck (Photo by Breegan Petruska)

By Breegan Petruska

Welcome to Faces of GRCC. This is a new project we are working on this semester to feature and learn more about our classmates here at Grand Rapids Community College. 

This week we are featuring David Houck, 29, of Grand Rapids. Houck’s journey to GRCC has looked different than most. 

Houck graduated from Lee High School in 2010 before going into the Army Reserves. He did a six to two contract, meaning he spent six years working in the reserve service, and two years in inactive service. While working for the reserves, he did construction and spent some time deployed in Guatemala. Since returning home to Michigan, Houck has found himself sticking with the skills he knows working in construction. 

“I do construction, that’s what I did in the military. I was by myself a lot in the military,” Houck said. “Here, it’s a little more contact with people. We’re more face-to-face, but I haven’t seen too much of a difference in my work life.”

Because of the pandemic, Houck has seen a much slower time at work, giving him all the more reason to come back to school. This year is Houck’s first year at GRCC. He is currently taking his general education courses and studying two years of Applied Science. After GRCC, he is hoping to transfer to Grand Valley State University to study in the healthcare field and become a physical therapist. 

This is Houck’s first year back in school since 2010, and schooling has looked a lot different due to the pandemic. Having classes in person and online, Houck has found himself feeling distanced from his classmates and spending more time than normal studying.

“There’s a lot more space between us,” Houck said. “That might make a difference with learning and making friends. It has been tougher overall. I’ve had to spend a lot of time studying, more than I thought I would. I haven’t done math in 10 years.” 

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