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GRCC’s Music Department to Hold Virtual Piano Recital

Linn Maxwell Keller Recital Hall

By Kayla Reed

Students, faculty, and all music lovers are invited to attend the piano recital of two Grand Rapids Community College music students, Mei Lin Wooden, and Mercy Chesebro. 

Along with all other students this year, they have worked hard through the pandemic. Despite the challenges it has brought, they are going to be streaming their recital at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 13. The recital will be available to watch online so everyone can see it regardless of location. 

Viewers can sit back, relax, and enjoy some of their favorite snacks while watching the live performance. It is a perfect way to support the GRCC music department as well as Wooden and Chesebro in lieu of attending in-person concerts, which are not taking place at this time.

Wooden is a junior at GRCC, and this is her second year studying the piano program. 

“I’ve played piano for 19 years, and I am so stoked to be giving a recital.” Wooden said. Two of the songs that she will be playing are “Die Forelle” and “Widmung” by Franz Liszt. According to Wooden, the original arrangement of the song “Die Forelle” has a part for piano and for voice. Both of the parts are very challenging. 

It’s been so cool to learn how to connect and make the music feel like a part of myself,” Wooden said. 

Chesebro considers herself a sophomore at GRCC after changing her major to piano. She will be playing a couple of classical pieces that include composers Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff.

“Rachmaninoff’s famous “Prelude in g minor” was a definite challenge to tackle, with its full chords, frequent leaps, and irregular arpeggios, but the results of martial triumph and sweeping, haunting melody are worth the effort,” Chesebro said.

The piano recital will be directed by Debora DeWitt, head of piano studies. DeWitt will also be playing as well. The pre-recorded recital should last one hour. Some of the songs will be jazz pieces, some songs are going to be classical pieces, and some songs are art pieces. An art piece is a song that has a part for voice and an accompaniment part. Typically they are inspired by poetry or is a song that is made to go with the poem itself.

Anyone who is interested in streaming this recital can get tickets online through grccmusic.anywhereseat.com. Tickets are free, but donations are greatly appreciated. Once purchased, ticket holders will be given an access code that can be copied and pasted into the event page before and during the scheduled performance time. There will also be a confirmation email sent to the email you provide that will link the event page, list the time and date of the recital, and it will have your access code in case you forget it. There is also an opportunity to stream the recital after the scheduled time if you do not have time on Tuesday.

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