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Summer Classes at GRCC

Sabrina Edwards | The Collegiate

By Chloe Ranger-Raimundi

The number of students attending summer classes at Grand Rapid Community College is on the rise.

David Murray, the Director of Communications at GRCC, released a press statement on March 4 declaring that the number of students that are earning credits in the summer in order to transfer to a university and save money is increasing. 

“Summer guest students attending GRCC increased 82 percent between 2013 and 2020,” Murray stated in the press release. “Last year, 1,574 students from other colleges and universities took GRCC summer courses – 25 percent of all students enrolled during the semester.”

Taking classes through the community college while on break from university in the summer is an excellent way for students to save money. 

“GRCC summer courses allow guest students to earn credits at a lower cost than squeezing in the same class during their regular academic year at their home school,” Murray stated in his release. GRCC charges $117 per credit hour (in-district rate), compared to the average university credit hour cost of an estimated $559.

Not only are these summer classes more affordable through GRCC, but they are also easy to attend in ways that better fit into student’s schedules. 

“Classes can be scheduled around summer jobs, internships, and other activities, and allow students to work safely from home,” stated Murray. 

Summer classes are offered in in-person, hybrid, virtual (real-time online lecture and class), and online class formats. 

Classes are offered between May 10 and Aug. 17. Summer classes are offered in seven and 14-week schedules with multiple start dates to accommodate the student’s schedule. 

Students can register for the first round of Summer 2021 classes by May 11. There are course offerings to look over in preparation for the summer semester and even next fall. GRCC provides a step-by-step guide on how to register for classes for new students and returning students.