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Comic-Con Unchained: A Recap of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con

A column header designed for night Light by Jamie Miller, a culmination of reviews and opinions from a night owl (Abby Haywood/The Collegiate)

By Jamie Miller

Greetings humans, it is I “the nightshifter” Jamie Miller here with a special Comic-Con edition of Nightlight. Comic-Con is in the books, and boy what a story it was. From crazy cosplayers to vendors selling even crazier products. It was fascinating to say the least. If you missed it, there’s no need to fear, because your ole pal Jamie’s here to give you a little recap. If you seek a recap of the first day, click here as this will cover days two and three.

Much like day one, upon entering on Saturday I paused and took in the scenery. The legions of cosplayers and vendors. It was like being a hippy at Woodstock. After pausing to take a photo with an oddly friendly pyramid head “likely because my conscience is clear,” I went on my way.

Jamie Miller and a pyramid head at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. Collegiate file photo

I first stopped to talk to Nico Wood of The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Now I know you’re probably wondering, what in tarnation is The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club? Wood said the club is a charity organization.

“We strive for screen quality costumes,” Wood said. “We use custom Mandalorians or characters we create ourselves or characters from media that we see in the old lore and the new lore,  TV shows, video games.”

Now as for what they do, Wood said, “We do a lot of charity events or we do conventions or we raise money for our club charity.”

Any real Mandalorion would be honored, I’m sure, to have these guys don their armor.

I also caught up with vendor Jen Sauls who sells among other things drink sleeves, vinyl decals and shot glasses.

“Everything is hand made here,” said Sauls, who hails from Cadillac.

I was also ecstatic to learn that Sauls and her fiance are wrestling fans, and Sauls brought up an interesting observation. “So we’ve noticed lately that the Comic-Con’s have been incorporating more and more bringing wrestling fans in.” Which, based on the large amounts of wrestling memorabilia and action figures that I saw at Comic-Con, I have to agree.

Next, in what has to be my highlight of the whole bloody con: I got the honor to talk to comic writer Alex Simmons, creator of characters such as Orpheus and Arron Day, the protagonist of the Blackjack series. Now, I can’t stress enough how kind and accommodating this man was. Instead of seeming to wish to be somewhere else like some celebrities I’ve meant in the past, he actually seemed to be enjoying being there and talking to fans. He actually would pause in the middle of the interview to talk to fans which I love. So often celebrities will get caught up in their egos…. but not him. We were able to chat and compare COVID-19 to a comic book plague. But as I mentioned he seemed happy to be there.

“It’s fun to be able to.. actually see people that I know as well as meet new people” he said.

By Sunday I was a bit less awestruck. In fact, I actually went in cosplay as well, having decided to cosplay as Roy Burns on vacation. A short time after walking in, I encountered Jason Voorhees himself. Oddly enough, he was in a good mood and instead of trying to hack me up – probably because Friday the 13th was two days prior, he simply paused for a picture.

Jamie Miller

A short time after this, who should my eyes spy but the shape himself Michael Myers. A tense standoff ensued before we realized that the Comic-Con was big enough for two maniacs and went our separate ways. Towards the end of my time there, what should I spot but an oddly docile Xenomorph. However, I’ve seen enough “Alien” movies to know that this creature is bad news, and due to me not wanting it to get a higher body count than me, I attacked… Sadly it was able to scurry off before I could finish it off. Shortly after this I decided to return to the Pinehurst halfway house and made my exit.

So there you go friends, those were the highlights that ya missed. I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the dreamscape.


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