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Countdown To One Curious Comic-Con

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By Jamie Miller

Hello dear readers, it is I “the non-judgemental joker” Jamie Miller. Now friends, as you may remember I previously did a story about the upcoming Grand Rapids Comic-Con. Well, with it coming up on Aug. 13, I figured that I would add a few updates.

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will be from Aug. 13 to 15 at the DeltaPlex and is already shaping up to be interesting.

“Unlike any other show we have done, we are fairly sure that multiple days for this one will be sold out before we open the doors on August 13,” said Mark Hodges, Event Organizer. “It looks like the three day passes are already gone.”

Now you may be wondering, as I was, what their COVID-19 protocol is. Well, in the brief words of Hodges, “We are following whatever the protocol will be at that time as required by the health department.” He goes on to say, “We will request that people who haven’t been vaccinated yet to don a mask and we have quite a few sanitation stations available at the show, but other than that we’re not planning anything special.”

Finally, when asked about how many people he expected to attend he replied, “Full house as dictated by the DeltaPlex capacity requirements and any updates given to them by the local health department.”

So there ya go, Grand Rapids Comic-Con is Friday the 13th. Let’s hope that’s not an omen. So plan ahead now.

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