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Vaccinated GRCC students are cashing in on vaccination incentive

GRCC sign located on Lyon Street. (Anthony Clark Jr./The Collegiate)

By Tara Black

More than a month after Grand Rapids Community College started offering to put $200 on students’ RaiderCards for being vaccinated, more than 3,400 have signed up.

To be qualified for the incentive, a student must be able to prove they are vaccinated. Even though so many students have signed up, GRCC Communications Director Dave Murray stated, “We hope many more are vaccinated and can take advantage of the incentive.” 

A student can sign up for the incentive by going to GRCC’s Online Center. Once logged in, students will see a “GRCC Vaccine Incentive” tile. After clicking on that, it will bring them to a form page, where students will have to send in a photo of their vaccination card. After students submit their vaccine information, it can take a few days to verify the information before the funds are added to their RaiderCards. 

On the site, it states that, “An email will be sent to your GRCC student email (Gmail) once your application has been reviewed.” When the money does get put onto a RaiderCard, the student will be notified. 

This money can be put toward campus dining, parking, printing, and bookstore purchases. With the $200, a student would be able to park roughly 57 times in the campus parking ramps before they would have to add more money to their RaiderCard. The funds can also be used for campus vending machines. 

To receive the incentive, students must be fully vaccinated and submit a photo of their vaccination card by Nov. 15 to get the $200 credit. 

Even though this is the deadline the college set, Murray stated, “There will be an opportunity at that time to evaluate where we are at.” 

While the incentive offer could be extended, students should apply before the November deadline to be sure they snag their $200.

Since vaccines are not required for students, not everyone on campus will be signing up for the incentive. Meanwhile, other students on campus are vaccinated and have yet to sign up for the vaccine incentive. 

One student, Madison Dewey, 18, from Wyoming, who will likely sign up for the incentive in the near future, said, “I would love $200.” 

GRCC’s vaccine incentive is not designed to make students who aren’t vaccinated feel bad for not having the vaccine. Instead, “Our hope is the incentive program will encourage more students to be vaccinated,” Murray stated.


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