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GRCC selected to assist in the Hope4College project

(Courtesy Photo/Andrew Schmidt)

By Logan Dressander

Grand Rapids Community College is one of 27 colleges selected to assist in the Hope4College project, an effort to combat food and housing problems for college students.

“Many college students were struggling prior to the coronavirus crisis, especially those balancing school with work and families,” said GRCC Student Life Director Lina Blair in a press release. “We care deeply about our students and wanted to make sure we could help.”

Hope4College is a project funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) Foundation. The project is designed to have colleges around the country help students who are in need of housing and food. These colleges will be able to collaborate with one another to develop ways to better help students.

According to the press release, nearly three out of five students experience housing or food insecurity. The problem is also more frequent in two-year colleges compared to four-year universities. 

“We know students face great challenges, and we want to help them be successful in school and in life,” said GRCC Communications Director Dave Murray. “GRCC leaders will share their experiences about what has been helpful on our campus, with the idea of showing others how to create similar opportunities on their campuses.” 

GRCC applied to be part of the cohort of the program, seeing it as a great opportunity to help all the students in need, as well as learning from the others that are participating in the program.

GRCC students can benefit by grabbing snacks at one of the snack pantries, or going to the “Get Help” website, which lists ways the community can help with food and housing problems.

The Hope4College project will run through May 2022, and will focus on continuing to give more students new ways to solve  food and housing challenges.