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Tutoring can benefit students who make use of it

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By Gabe Fisher

Tutoring at Grand Rapids Community College is a service that is available to everyone, and school administrators say that most students that make use of it find it very helpful.

At GRCC, tutoring is available to all students. No matter the subject, students can head to a tutoring center and try to get a handle on the material with the resources provided. Even with COVID-19 protocols in place, tutoring is still available to those that need it.

Tutoring is a vital part of many student’s academic journeys, including those of GRCC students. But that all begs the question: what are the specifics of tutoring, how does it work, and is it even worth it at this school?

Don VanOeveren, the Associate Director of Academic Support and Tutoring Services here at GRCC, shed light on the specifics of how the tutoring services work. According to Mr. vanOeveren, tutoring at GRCC covers a wide range of topics:  biology, business, computers and computer-aided design (CAD), math labs and language arts tutoring are just a handful of the services offered. One could almost guarantee that they’d find what they were looking for, with some exceptions.

Tutoring is available both in-person and online. A wide variety of the in-person tutoring is available via drop-in sessions, generally Monday through Friday, depending on the subject. Virtual tutoring reflects this as well, to a limited extent, which is useful for those who are stuck at home this year – although virtual tutoring was available before the pandemic.

If one would prefer to schedule an appointment to meet more privately for tutoring, it is still an option.

VanOeveren noted the tutoring center is currently hiring tutors, so students are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment beforehand. However, walk-ins are still welcome.

According to surveys conducted by VanOeveren’s ​​team, people who use tutoring find it generally favorable and overall helpful.

More information about tutoring services on campus can be found here.


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