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GRCC Student Alliance takes a break from business to provide a day of games

(Photo by Steve Jessmore/GRCC)

By Piper Molde

In a town hall meeting this week, the Grand Rapids Community College Student Alliance hosted a day of games and fun to bring the attendees together. The purpose of the Nov. 18 meeting was to help students and Student Alliance leaders get to know each other.

The town hall started off with an ice breaker. Student Alliance President Brendan Burke asked, “What does your ideal winter day look like?” The answers to this question proved that everyone there was familiar with Michigan winters, as most people answered that they would prefer to stay in and stay warm under a blanket rather than face the cold outside.

The request to allocate more funds to fundraisers was also submitted by Student Alliance to the college.

Once everyone had shared their answer to the icebreaker, the group participated in a game of Kahoot to step away from the traditional meetings the group had held this semester.

Student Alliance seeks to make students aware that the organization is about making connections with people and working together to show how important it is to get involved with campus life.

To find out more about future Student Alliance meetings and how to get involved with the group or other student organizations at the college visit here.

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