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Holy Nerd Nirvana Batman: A recap of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Jamie Miller with actress P.J. Sole (Jamie Miller/The Collegiate)

By Jamie Miller

Greetings fellow fandom freaks, it is I, the-perpetually-starry-eyed-stargazer,” Jamie Miller here with an unusual second report for the second Grand Rapids Comic-Con this year – and, oh, what a report it is. From absolutely insane cosplay to fascinating vendors and staff, Comic-Con was incredible, might I say above average for a Comic-Con. And ole Jamie’s here to give you his recap, so just sit back, grab a can of whatever you like to drink and enjoy.

Now as I said, this Comic-Con had no shortage of interesting features and numerous vendors of all sorts, one of which being, of all things, an entire floor dedicated to games. It was here I caught up with Gaming Coordinator Kristy Eason.

“I’m in charge of the board game library where I curate all the games we get here annually,” Eason said. “I also am in charge of all the contractors we bring in for video gaming for our HADO anime dodgeball attraction.” 

A cosplayer representing Lady Dimitrescu from “Resident Evil” (Jamie Miller/The Collegiate)

In her own words, she was like the dungeon master of the Comic-Con. Which is funny considering that I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time at this Comic-Con event. I have to say, it involved a lot of math, but was still pretty fun. This is also where I ran into a really good cosplayer. This person was dressed as Lady Dimitrescu from “Resident Evil” who is an astounding 9-feet tall. And this cosplayer found a way to make themselves nine feet tall via stilts. (How they got up to the top floor on them is beyond me.) It was kinda fun to run into someone taller than me. At 6-foot-2 it’s not a common occurrence. This was also where I ran into one Steven Wilson, who was one of the volunteers, or “minions,” to quote the staff badges. It was interesting to talk to one of the, for lack of a better term “cogs in the machine,” who with all of the excitement and colorful costumes tend to fade into the background. However, Wilson seemed to like the position as it is a good opportunity to meet an array of different Comic-Con goers. 

“It’s not too hard,” Wilson said. “You get kinda paid to be here, and you get to meet a lot of cool people.”

Speaking of cool people, I also caught up with one P.J. Soles of “Carrie” and “Halloween” fame. Now, there are quite a few celebrities who would literally rather be anywhere else – thankfully, Soles is not that kind of individual. She actually was a really nice person who was genuinely happy to be there, and she really liked the cosplay. 

“I’m impressed with all of the variety and the creativity with the costumes,” said Soles. I was inclined to agree with her on that.

However, her favorite role did surprise me, for it was neither “Halloween” or “Carrie,” but a movie by the name of “Rock n’ Roll High school.” 

“I played Riff Randell and it was a lead role so I was very excited to do a lead role,”Soles said. 

I would have to say her logic is sound as I can somewhat relate. I mean my first Collegiate story holds a special place in my heart as I essentially influenced Grand Rapids Community College maintenance to finally replace a drinking fountain that had been out of service for months.

I also caught up with one Xian Castillo who was dressed in what has to be one of the most unique cosplays I’ve ever seen. For you see, he was dressed half as horror villain Freddy Kruger and half Jason Voorhees – a “Jason Kruger” if you will. Apparently, Castillo had gone to a former comic con dressed as half Thanos and half Professor Hulk from the Marvel movies.

“You know what, let me split it down the middle again and I’ll throw in a entirely new genre into it,”Castillo said about his thought processes behind the costume ideas. I have to say I like his choice. It’s even more impressive as apparently this was only his second ever Comic-Con!

Now as for what was my favorite cosplay of the show, it had to be a pair who were dressed as male Commander Shepard and Tali’Zorah from the “Mass Effect” series. They were so game accurate I thought that I might have found my way onto the Normandy, the ship Shepard commands. That absolutely made my night, I kid you not. So all in all, it was a good showing and great opportunity for a second Comic-Con in a span of three months.