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Teeny terracotta art by GRCC students at ‘Rooting For You’ Lakeshore Campus event

Examples of students' painted pots and planted succulents. (Jessika Perez/The Collegiate)

By Jessika Perez

Grand Rapids Community College students at the Holland Lakeshore Campus got an opportunity to participate in a relaxing, plant-friendly craft project earlier this week. 

Participants at the Nov. 16 event got to decorate their own terracotta pot and plant a succulent to take home.

Lakeshore Student Success Coach and event organizer Lety Lopez informed The Collegiate that the plants (a tray of 1” succulents) were from Posh Petals, a local floral shop in Grand Rapids. 

Students who stopped by were able to “relax and enjoy potting and planting,” as Student Success Coach and Event Coordinator Jose Rodriguez said. He shared that the succulent trend played a factor in choosing the activity for this event. The goal of bringing students together after midterms and before finals for a destressor activity was accomplished.

Monika Martinez, a 21-year-old freshman, was among the students participants. 

“I always get updates just about fun stuff and whatnot and I was like, ‘I don’t have class today – I’m so down to come!” Martinez said.

Upon arrival, Student Success Coach and Event Organizer Arianna Fikse led students to the paint station that consisted of a table with water cups, plastic paint brushes of different sizes, paper plates and various acrylic paints. Students had their choice to paint 2” by 2” canvases or tiny terracotta pots.

In the end, participants were able to decorate more than one item as the event’s turnout was smaller than the same Rooting for You event held at the main campus, one day prior.Fifteen people attended the event in Grand Rapids on Monday.

“Students (were) very artistic with their pots,” Fikse said.

Individuals can stay up to date with the events happening at the Lakeshore and Grand Rapids campuses through the provided Facebook pages.


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