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Do you know your love language? GRCC will host Valentine’s Day event on Feb. 15

Photo Courtesy of GRCC Raider Connect

By Katrina Moore

The Valentine’s Day festivities are not over at Grand Rapids Community College’s Lakeshore Campus where love languages and empathy will be discussed on Feb. 15. 

Today there will be a Valentine’s Day event led by Arianna Fiske of the Lakeshore Campus. Everything for the event is free, from the snacks to the registration, which students can access on the GRCC website, or by clicking right here.

“We’re not targeting any specific relationship questions, just because I feel like that’s something that definitely entails something deeper,” said Letitia Lopez, who was to lead a similar event on Feb. 14 on GRCC’s Main Campus. “It’s more just very surface level, get into unity, talk about some love languages.”

The event will consist of different activities, such as Cupid Bingo and a drawing for a love language book, and “at the end of the event we will also have… campus resources for students to pick up and take.”

The Valentine’s Day event will be held at 2 to 3:30 p.m. at Room 121 at the Lakeshore Campus. They will be following the GRCC Covid regulations, masking up and social distancing.

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