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Game Review: Lost Ark

Courtesy via the steam page for Lost Ark

By Daniel Yae

Lost Ark is a Free-to-Play MMO Action RPG that was originally released in South Korea in 2019. The game remains one of the most popular games in the region.This month, the game was fully released in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania.

The game has been out for a little over a week, and some even had earlier access through the founder packs offered which gave early access and benefits in the game depending on which pack you bought. The packs ranged from the bronze pack of $14.99 to the platinum pack of $99.99. Now for those who want to start the game now, they can purchase one of the three starter packs which come in apprentice, explorer, and vanquisher. The benefits are different depending on how much the person decides to spend.

The game has amassed 1.3 million concurrent players on steam already and continues to grow and is becoming one of the most popular MMOs. It has great in-game mechanics, a great art style to it, and abilities that are visually appealing. The game has a lot of servers on both the North American east and west coasts.

Lost Ark has a variety of different classes and subclasses which the player can choose from. These classes are warrior, martial artist, gunner, mage, and assassin. Sub-classes are berserker, paladin, and gunlancer for the warrior class. Then you have striker, wardancer, and scrapper for the martial artist class. For the gunner class, you have gunslinger, artillerist, deadeye, and sharpshooter. Bard and sorceress are available for the mage class. Finally, you have shadowhunter and deathblade for the assassin class.

These classes and subclasses give opportunities and different types of abilities that will benefit the player in both player vs. player and player vs environment. In the game, players are able to upgrade their abilities in-game and are able to switch out current abilities for different ones they unlock while playing through the game.

There is currently so much content out in the game and leveling up to 50, which is currently the max level, is fun to do solo or with friends. There are a variety of different quests and side quests to do. A benefit of Lost Ark compared to other MMOs is not really having to go out of your way to do these side quests as they are usually in the direction of the main quest that needs to be done. They give solid XP and are fairly quick to finish.

The dungeons in the game are fairly easy in the beginning, while players are adjusting and learning the game and gives players a chance to understand the in-game mechanics while having fun beating dungeons and bosses as they go. It also progressively gets harder and more challenging with most of the missions being end game. The end game is unlocked after maxing to level 50 and playing the content after finishing the main storyline.

Lost Ark gives a lot of variety in terms of in-game content, abilities, and how people want to play the game. It is a free game that gives people a chance to play it without having to pay anything. The game has quick progression and an easy-to-follow main storyline. The game receives a solid 8 out of 10 as an overall game but I can see it being higher as players play through the game more.

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