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5 Questions and a Sketch: Savannah Ward

(Illustrations by Braeden Pelton)

By Braeden Pelton

Hello everybody. Welcome to a new installment of Five Questions and a Sketch. We have today Grand Rapids Community College student Savannah Ward, 22, of Jenison. She is currently studying the pre-writing path and is figuring out what she would like to do in the future. Ward spends her time outside of school enjoying the creativity of playing Minecraft, the escape of listening to music like Glass Animals or Mitski, and the fun of photography. She has attended the school for the last three years now and has experienced the ups and downs of college life.

Why are you at GRCC?/Do you have a plan?

I don’t have one at the moment. I’m in the pre-writing path right now, but I was in pre-psychology before. Psychology’s always interested me but I couldn’t get past statistics so I had to quit.

I’ve always liked writing, it’s been the one thing I’ve felt I was good at throughout my life. I only wish I would’ve switched earlier so I could’ve had more time with it.

What have been your best and worst classes?

Best class, but only because I ended up with a B at the end so I was very proud of myself was 98 (elementary algebra). I finally passed it so I could do other math classes. It was with Mrs. Dauber. My worst class was statistics.

What is your favorite and least favorite part about college?

I like that you can cater the classes to yourself and your interests a bit more than you could in high school. 

It’s hard but that’s just school in general. I don’t think it’s harder than high school was for me. I was lucky and got two free years because we were poor. But now I (have) got to pay out of pocket. I had to pay over $600 for one class this semester.

Have you gained new or closer friends during your time at GRCC?

No, not really. I’ve had classroom friends but we’ve never extended to outside the class. I’m already a shy person but I’ve never felt this was a “make friends school”.

What has the COVID-19 experience with college been like for you?

At the beginning when we first went into lockdown, that was really rough, just because I’d never done online school before. I didn’t know where to go for stuff. I didn’t know how to manage time. I hadn’t gone on campus unless it was something really important.

If you’d like to see someone else featured, please contact me at braedenpelton@email.grcc.edu and let me know.

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