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GRCC students react to Lollapalooza lineup

Photo Courtesy of Lollapalooza's Official Website

By Kevin Lopez

It’s finally here, GRCC. The official Lollapalooza lineup has arrived with many surprises and shocks. Lollapalooza recently featured a game on its website called “Lolla Legend“ that rewarded those who played with the names of several headliners. 

That left a lot of speculation on who was going to fill out this year’s list of headliners. Once 10:59 a.m. turned into 11 a.m. the wait was over. The other headliners were revealed to be Dua Lipa, J. Cole, Green Day, Machine Gun Kelly, and Kygo. Excitement raged all over social media, as this year the lineup was revealed first and many called this one of the most balanced lineups in years. Some notable undercard acts include Charlie XCX, Dominic Fike, Glass Animals, Tove Lo, Joyner Lucas, KennyHoopla, The Wombats, Tinashe and Rezz. 

The reaction across social media was swift and of course many opinions were shared, but The Collegiate set out to find out what Grand Rapids Community College students think of the lineup, so we hit the campus to get your reactions!

Rebecca Klap, 20, of Grand Rapids, had a very animated reaction to the lineup being revealed.

“Oh my gosh, it’s a 10 out of 10!” Klap said. “The person I wanna see the most is Rezz. I would love to go all four days if I could convince my friends.” 

A fellow student named Jacob Rademacher, 20, of Rockford, shared that he had planned on going even before the lineup came out.

“I think it’s a seven out of 10,” he said. “I like some of the headliners, but there’s a lot of acts I don’t know and I don’t like Machine Gun Kelly. I’m very excited to see Lil Baby and J. Cole. Those are the two I wanna see the most.”

Not all reactions were positive though. One student commented on what he felt was a lackluster lineup. 

“I would give the lineup a three or four out of 10,” said Justin Buchanan, 19, of Grand Rapids. “(There are) a lot of people that I haven’t heard of or just not a big fan of.” 

Despite his feelings on the lineup, Buchanan said he still felt he would want to go. “I would still want to go just for the experience, and I’m a big concert fan and to go to an event like that would be cool.”

Marilyn Rockey, 24, of Grand Rapids, said people should go just for the experience.

“Music targets everyone differently,” Rockey said. “I live off of experience and the knowledge I get from those experiences. Even if I didn’t enjoy myself, you are gonna gain something even when you don’t see it.”

Meanwhile some students expressed concerns about the $425 ticket price. Luke Jamison, 22, of Grand Rapids said he felt that the lineup wasn’t worth the price.

“I wouldn’t pay that much money for the lineup,’ Jamison said. “Just because of the price it’s a four out of 10.”

Another student was planning to skip the event. Stephen Sietsema, 21, of Zeeland, said “I’m sure it’s great for others, but for me there’s nothing really interesting, so I would say it’s a three out of 10. I would not wanna go personally.”

Jered Berkenpas, 20, of Grand Rapids, said he found the lineup appealing for a different reason

“Dua Lipa is pretty hot, so that’s a good reason for me,” he said. “I would give it a nine out of 10, I saw Dominic Fike was there and I would love to see Lil Baby.”

Likewise, Ahmir Wiggins, 18, of Detroit, said, “I just feel like this lineup is chill, not really loud, just good vibes. Green Day, J. Cole, and Doja Cat, they are all chill.” 

Kali Capling-Pechette, 18, from Huron County shared her happiness that artists like Green Day and Machine Gun Kelly were on the lineup.

“It shows that style of music is coming back like Punk and Emo,” Capling-Pechette said.

Overall, GRCC students expressed mixed reactions to the lineup ranging from pure excitement to low interest due to concerns about the ticket cost. Overall, one thing is for certain, there are many eyes on the event and the road to Lollapalooza begins now for event fans. 

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