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Holy Nightlight Batman: A review of “The Batman”

A column header designed for night Light by Jamie Miller, a culmination of reviews and opinions from a night owl (Abby Haywood/The Collegiate)

By Jamie Miller

Greetings Nightlighters, it is I “the stargazer” Jamie Miller here with yet another issue of Nightlight. Now, dear readers, as you know I am a gigantic fan of comic books, from Spider-man to Batman I just can’t get enough, so upon watching the first trailer for “The Batman,” I knew I had to see it, and I’m glad I did. This is one of the best superhero movies I have seen in a long time.

The “Batman,” which was directed by Matt Reeves, known for directioning films such as “Cloverfield,” was released on Friday, March 4 and tells the familiar tale of orphan Bruce Wayne who, having witnessed his parents being gunned down in front of him, spends his nights dressed as a giant bat fighting injustice wherever he can find it. However this Batman is different than most of us are used to. He’s younger, angrier, less experienced… and somehow even more brooding. And he’s not the only one, somehow Gotham has gotten seedier, the people less hopeful and the villains less theatrical and far more threatening. Rather than sporting pretty costumes they are simply full blown psychotic. Yes, Batman will have his hands full with many threats, chief among them being the raving-mad Riddler, and he’s not your dad’s Riddler. Gone are  the riddle me this riddle me that quotes and Jim Carrey in spandex. Instead this Riddler is a straight up serial killer! 

“The Batman” stars Robert Pattison known for such films as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”  and the crappy film called “Twilight” stars as the young caped crusader who is but two years into his crime-fighting career and still nursing the psychological wounds of his parents’ murders and trying to stop the city they held dear from destroying itself.  Also along for the ride is Zoë Kravitz known for “Fantastic Beasts” and for being Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, stars as Seline Kyle/Catwoman, a nightclub waitress and cat burglar who aligns with Batman to stop Riddler. Jeffery Wright, known for his roles in the James Bond film series stars as James Gordan, is Batman’s closest ally in the GCPD. Paul Dano, of “There Will Be Blood” fame, plays the part of the Riddler, and oh what a part it is. This is Riddler as we have never seen him before. Gone is the cheese of the 60s Riddler, or the zaniness of the ‘95 Riddler. Instead, this Riddler is demented and dangerously disturbed. He has no interest in sending Batman riddles telling him he is going to rob the local betting ring, rather he sends riddles detailing his next murder. Colin Farrell, known for being in numerous films such as “Fright Night,” plays the part of Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin, a diminutive disfigured criminal and classic Batman villain. Andy Serkis, known for voicing Gollum in the “Lord of the Rings” series, plays Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s trusted butler and surrogate father.

Oh my, where to start with this glorious movie? The action is well choreographed and hard hitting which every movie fight should be. You can tell Batman is still learning how to be a crime fighter, as he stumbles and gets knocked over at times. Riddler is also one of the most terrifying villains I have seen in a long time, and pay in mind I’ve seen “Avengers Endgame.” A large part of that may be because Reeves and Dano took inspiration from the real life serial killer known as the Zodiac right down to one of his quotes,which I didn’t know how to feel about, but the acting was also great. The effects were also very well done. And the soundtrack, oh man, it was beautiful though then again I loved the opening theme “Something in the Way” by Nirvana even before I saw the film so there’s that. The batsuit and the Batmobile are also badass, being dark and gritty yet close to realistic just like the film. I give this film nine and a half torches out of 10. I highly recommend it.

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