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It’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s Comic-Con!: A preview of the 2022 Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Jamie Miller lifting Thor's Hammer. (Abby Haywood/The Collegiate)

By Jamie Miller

Well, dear Nightlighters, it’s that time again, Comic-Con season has come to the rejoice of nerds everywhere, which of course means your old friend “ the comic-collecting Caledonia native” Jamie Miller is here to bring you a preview of the upcoming Grand Rapids Comic-Con, and tell you what to look out for and what to expect.

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con, which will run April 8 – 10 is shaping up to be an interesting event with some notable guests, from the voice of Ghostface himself, Roger L. Jackson and Rodger Bumpass, who is perhaps best known for voicing Squidward in “SpongeBob SquarePants.” 

Mark Hodges, the event organizer said he is excited most for another guest, however, as in his words:  “Personally, I always enjoy the older guests who have played in classic films, so I am especially looking forward to meeting Marli Renfro. She played Janet Leigh’s body double in the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho.’” 

Meanwhile, some guests may be completely on fans’ radars, when asked what guests that he thought people should be excited for, he replied, “That is easy: Jymn Magon. He is the screenwriter for a lot of the Disney Afternoon block in the 90s, including “Darkwing Duck” and “Chip-n-Dale Rescue Rangers,” and I must say though I never watched the Disney channel all that often as a child, being a Nick kid myself, my interest is thoroughly peaked. 

There are also numerous guests from the comic book community. Namely Brett Breeding who helped bring us “The Death of Superman” and the dementedly deranged Doomsday, as well as Mike DeCarlo who brought us the iconic “Batman: A Death In The Family.”

The con of comics will run April 8-10, and three-day tickets will cost $50, one-day tickets for Friday or Sunday will cost $20 with Saturday costing $27. Children under five years old get in for free. Also keep in mind that some guests may require you to wear a mask when you go up to meet them… So buy your tickets now and I’ll see ya there, Excelsior! 

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