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Student organization spotlight: GRCC’s Supply Chain Student Organization

Devin Gibbs, President of GRCC’s Supply Chain Student Association. (Courtesy of GRCC)

One of Grand Rapids Community College’s newest student organizations, the Supply Chain Student Association (SCSA), is now available to enrolled students.

As stated in their constitution, the organization seeks to, “promote supply chain-related learning activities that benefit the association members and the organization.”

President of the SCSA, Devin Gibbs, is optimistic about the future of the field as well as the potential to grow as a group. 

“I think supply chain is a fantastic field because it isn’t dependent on a single market or industry,” Gibbs said. “There’s always going to be more to do in the supply chain industry.”

The goal of the SCSA is to enhance the supply chain subject matter available at GRCC, while utilizing various resources to do so. ​

​”We work with faculty advisors and supply chain industry experts,” Gibbs said. “We are going to build a path for the students to get certified. We will be meeting monthly as a group, but are still determining with what regularity we will attend conferences and stuff like that.”

Gibbs is a GRCC student who is currently finishing his degree before he transfers to Ferris State. He is keen to recognize the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the industry as a whole.

“I think through the digital forefront and digital technology used, COVID-19 really drove the remote work and hybrid setting,” Gibbs said. “Understanding your employer’s expectations for remote work in the industry will be the most important thing going forward. COVID-19 has introduced a lot of chaos into the supply chain. The economy is kind of going up and down randomly, and forecasting demand will be essential in the upcoming years.”

Even so, Gibbs finds that there are other areas of the field that are a little more predictable, especially in the local industries available in Grand Rapids.

“There is a lot of opportunity in the automotive industry as well as a medical presence in Grand Rapids,” he said. “I know there are a lot of college jobs in the supply chain field in both of those industries.”

Outside of the student organization, Gibbs works for Belmont Engineered Plastics, a large injection molding and assembly operation operating in Plainfield Township. His unique perspective on the supply chain industry lends credence to his observations on the economy as a whole.

“So, for buyers, which is kind of a small portion of the supply chain, there is a decline,” Gibbs said. “But warehousing, trucking and other areas are going to see a great rise in the supply chain field, as far as college jobs go.”

For students interested in studying supply chain management at GRCC, click here.

You can also find more information about the Supply Chain Student Association via Raider Connect here.

Gibbs remains optimistic about the future of both the student organization and the industry as a whole. 

“I would love to broadcast to readers that we are open to new members and excited to grow,” Gibbs said. “We are very receptive to feedback, as we are a new organization and are trying to figure this out as we go. Any ideas people have to make this a better organization are welcome.”


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