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GRCC Board releases presidential search update

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The Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees released a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find a search firm for the upcoming search for the 11th president of GRCC as well as releasing a timeline that expects the president to be picked by December 2022. 

The RFP has a response deadline of May 5 and the board is set to select a search firm by mid-May. 

The board hopes that the search firm will identify qualified candidates through June-August followed by interviews for the positions in the months following leading to the final decision in December. The interview process will start with phone calls and Skype interviews done by the search firm. Once the finalists are selected after several interviews, they will be interviewed by the board. 

Since GRCC’s current President Bill Pink is leaving to become Ferris State University’s president in July, the Board of Trustees will now come up with a plan to find an interim president while the search commences. The person selected for the interim position will not be considered for the permanent position. The interim position is expected to be filled by the end of May. 

The process will be open and the board has expressed its plan to have the GRCC community involved in this decision. The board created a website dedicated to the search that will have updates throughout the process.

“The Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees values your perspective, input, and collaboration as we embark on one of the most important responsibilities we will face: selecting the eleventh president of the College,” stated the GRCC Board of Trustees to the GRCC community on the website. “This is a moment of great opportunity for Michigan’s first community college.”

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