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GRCC police respond to rogue clarinet, two women stuck in elevator, and a student carrying rifle on campus between April 13 and May 3


By Ellie Halvorson and Alena Visnovsky

A stolen and nearly re-sold clarinet confiscated by GRCC police

Police received a complaint of larceny on April 13 around 3:30 p.m. The complainant said that the GRCC music department received a call from Meyer Music the day before about a clarinet someone had attempted to sell to them. Meyer Music checked their records and found that the clarinet was sold to GRCC and they wanted to make sure it wasn’t stolen. After receiving the call it was discovered that it still did belong to GRCC, a student had borrowed it for Winter Semester 2019, and she never returned it to GRCC and due to a transition for record keeping it was not noticed missing.

The GRCC music department reached out to West Michigan Band Instruments to see if anyone tried to sell the clarinet to them. They hadn’t had anyone stop by, but had inquired about a clarinet they found for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The listed seller was the person who had tried to sell the clarinet to Meyer Music. West Michigan Band Instruments said they would be willing to set up a buy so police could attempt to recover the clarinet. 

On April 14, a WMBI employee called and said they had a purchase set up for 1 p.m. the next day. The Facebook Marketplace listing was created by the woman who had attempted to sell the clarinet to Meyer Music in the first place. But a different woman responded to WMBI’s inquiry and said her boyfriend would be the one coming to sell the instrument. 

On April 15 at approximately 12:40 p.m., GRCC police arrived at WMBI. Officers hid next door and in the back office for the transaction to occur. The woman who responded to the Facebook Marketplace inquiry and her boyfriend showed up with the clarinet around 1 p.m. When GRCC officers revealed themselves, the two were cooperative. They were informed that the clarinet belonged to GRCC, was borrowed by a student in Winter 2019, and was never returned so GRCC police would be taking the instrument. The couple disclosed that the student who had borrowed the clarinet from GRCC was his ex-girlfriend and that she left the instrument behind when they broke up. He and his current girlfriend were selling it to get rid of it.

The GRCC police department brought the clarient back to the Music Department. The original complainant was informed that he could press criminal charges against the student who borrowed the clarinet. He was not interested in pressing charges and was just happy to have the instrument back.

This case is closed with no further action needed.

GRCC student carried rifle on campus and is a suspect in an ongoing aggravated assault complaint

Around 5 p.m. on Friday April 15, GRCC campus police were dispatched to level 6 of the GRCC Bostwick ramp in response to a man retrieving a rifle from his vehicle. The complainant contacted GRCC police when she witnessed the man pull a rifle from his vehicle and walk onto Ransom Avenue while carrying the rifle.

GRCC police notified the Grand Rapids Police Department of the incident. The man was later reported to be a suspect in an on-going aggravated assault complaint where he allegedly pointed his rifle at an Uber driver around 7:30 p.m. The man does have a GRCC student ID number but is not currently enrolled in classes.

Conflict between a student and multiple staff members

On April 18, at approximately 8:15 a.m., GRCC police responded to the student center about a man yelling at the staff. He wanted to talk to the Director of Student Life but she was not there yet. Police followed the man outside and asked to talk. He started yelling, “I will not talk to the police, you scare me…please don’t come near me!” Police said they were on the team that helps people and that they wouldn’t come close to him. He said he needed an advocate for him and was scared of the police. 

The director of student life arrived and the police asked if the student wanted to talk to her. After the student and director of student life talked, the student left and the director came back and discussed the student with GRCC police. She said that the student was very upset with two of his professors and went to one of the professor’s houses with a baseball bat but didn’t meet or speak with anyone there. Neighbors got photos of the student at the professor’s house.

The director of student life said she was not comfortable about how the conversation went and given the student’s history, she did not feel safe. GRCC police will be aware of this student in case he returns to campus for any reason.

Frequent trespasser arrested by GRCC Police

At 11:59 a.m. on Wednesday April 20, GRCC Police responded to a report of a man panhandling in the cafeteria inside the Student Center on Lyon Street. Upon arrival, officers recognized the man as someone with whom the GRCC police have had multiple encounters.

The officers placed the man under arrest for trespassing on GRCC property and transported him to Kent County Correctional Facility. He was issued an appearance citation for trespassing and was told he would be arrested if he was seen on GRCC property again.

Science Building elevator fails and traps two women

GRCC campus police responded to an elevator emergency in the Science Building on Bostwick Avenue on Wednesday, April 20 around 2:30 p.m. Officers arrived to find two women stuck inside the elevator on the third floor. Elevator Services INC was on campus and was able to fix the elevator. The elevator moved to the first floor and the women were able to exit the elevator without further incident.

Disorderly conduct in GRCC student center

GRCC police were dispatched on April 21 to the student center because a man had urinated inside the building. Upon arrival around 8 a.m., an officer spoke with the man and confirmed that he had in fact urinated in the student center. Police then spoke with the complainant who works in the Follet Bookstore in the student center. She said she saw the man urinate on the wall and then leave.

Custodial staff from GRCC arrived and started cleaning and disinfecting the area. The subject started pleading with police not to arrest him. Officers asked why he would urinate inside a building instead of outside where no one would see him. The man responded he didn’t know where else to go to the bathroom. 

The man was issued a misdemeanor appearance citation for disorderly person. He was instructed to appear in district court on May 2, 2022. 

Police also issued the man a trespassing warning. If he comes back to any GRCC building without conducting college business, he could be arrested for trespassing. The subject left and said he was going to McDonald’s to get some food. 

The misdemeanor citation was reported to the Grand Rapids City Attorney’s office for review and approval. 

Construction crew sets off intrusion alarm at ATC Building

GRCC police officers were dispatched to the ATC Building on Saturday, April 23 around 8 a.m. in response to an intrusion alarm. Upon arrival, officers noted that the entrance door to the Heritage Restaurant was wide open. Officers searched the area and made contact with a construction worker who explained to officers that he had set off the alarm when he opened the door to the building.

The worker told officers that he used the door to the Heritage restaurant because the stairs leading to the construction area on the south side of the building could not be used and that he would only be working in the area until 1 p.m. that day. The alarm was disarmed by the building manager until the construction crew left. 

Trespasser arrested for sleeping in GRCC stairwell

On Monday April 25 around 8 a.m. GRCC police were dispatched to Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall in response to a man sleeping on the stairwell. When officers arrived and made contact with the individual, the man explained that he was not a student and was trying to stay warm.

The officers warned him of trespassing on GRCC property and obtained the man’s name. Dispatch stated that the man had a warrant for Failure To Appear (FTA) in court for a previous arrest. Officers searched, handcuffed, and transported the man to Kent County Correctional Facility.

Trespasser at Student Center 

At 10:49 a.m. on Wednesday, April 27, GRCC police were dispatched to the Student Center in response to a man stopping and asking students for money. Upon arrival, police made contact with the man who did not want to speak to the officers. Officers warned the individual, described as an older white male with gray hair and wearing a blue jacket, that his behavior would not be tolerated. The man was issued a trespassing warning and told if he was caught trespassing again, he would be arrested and taken to jail. No further action was taken.

GRCC employee curses GRCC police officer over relocated bag

On Wednesday, April 27, a GRCC Police officer was performing building checks on the GRCC Applied Technology Center when they found a book bag left at the Heritage restaurant. The officer searched the bag for identification but could not find any. After completing the building check, a GRCC employee approached the officer and began yelling and cursing at them.

The employee continued to yell at the officer while the officer explained that they would not continue a conversation with the employee since the employee was yelling. After the officer finished the remaining building checks, he notified his supervisor of the incident.

Argument over broken vacuum between two staff members

On April 27, 2022 GRCC police were dispatched to Raleigh J. Finkelstein hall referencing a report of disorderly people. A manager reported that two employees were in a verbal fight and it was escalating. 

Upon arrival around 10:45pm, the officers separated the two employees and talked with them. No physical assault had occurred. The dispute began because one employee, the supervisor, asked about the other employee’s vacuuming the night before. The employee said the vacuum was broken and that’s why the disagreement began. After a few minutes of arguing, the employee threatened to slap her supervisor. The manager (the complainant) then called GRCC police.

The employee whose vacuuming was criticized, was visibly upset. She said the dispute started over her vacuuming performance, and that her vacuuming was bad because the vacuum was broken. 

The manager said that the employee who threatened the slap was suspended for the night and wanted to have her escorted off campus. GRCC police escorted that employee off campus. This case is closed with no further action taken.

GRCC police respond to graffiti found in Cook Hall & Ford Fieldhouse

Around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 3, GRCC police were dispatched to the fourth floor stairwell in Cook Academic Hall in response to a report of graffiti on the wall. The graffiti was described as a three pronged crown above the letter “P” followed by an “@” symbol. There were also quotation marks before and after the crown.

After assessing the graffiti, officers contacted the Associate Director of Facilities at GRCC to get an approximate cost to clean up the graffiti. The cost was quoted at $300. The Associate Director of Facilities said the graffiti matched a report from the day before, Monday, May 2, where graffiti was found in the Ford Fieldhouse bathroom. The estimated removal cost of the bathroom graffiti was estimated to be $100.


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