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GRCC campus police respond to car break-in and suspicious person complaint

GRCC Campus Police Building (Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Alena Visnovsky and James Herold

Suspicious person complaint at Lyon Ramp

On Wednesday May 25, 2022, at approximately 8:15 a.m., Grand Rapids Community College Police responded to a suspicious person complaint at ramp B (Lyon Ramp). A man was sleeping in the west elevator. The suspect is described as a 50-year-old white male with a baseball hat and backpack. 

GRCC police arrived on scene and took the elevator to level 7 and found the man sitting on the floor. When asked if he was alright, he responded that he was going through a lot and had a package addressed to the FBI and was debating whether to send it. After buying a house last year, the suspect claimed someone is running prostitutes through his house and that he had evidence to prove that. The suspect said he tried delivering the package downtown and got cold. He was sitting in the elevator to warm up but had no intent to harm anyone. 

A background check was done on the man and it came back with a clear record. He asked where he could get food and coffee and police directed him to Michigan St NE. Police escorted him out of the ramp and he was informed that he was on a college campus and was shown the signs for the different campus buildings. He was told not to return or he would be cited for trespassing.

This case is closed, there was no further action taken.

Rear windshield smashed and cash stolen from ramp repair employee’s car

On May 31 GRCC police were dispatched to Parking Ramp A (Bostwick Ramp) regarding a breaking and entering of a car. When they arrived around 6:30 a.m., they were informed that the vehicle had been parked on level 5 of the ramp over Memorial day weekend. 

When police arrived, they spoke with the owner of the vehicle, who is an employee of Mall City Mechanical. He was working with a contract company hired to repair the ramp. The employee last saw the truck, locked and secure, on Friday, May 27 around 2 p.m. When he returned on May 31 around 6 a.m., the rear windshield of his car had been smashed. 

He said he looked through the truck and the only missing item was around $200 from the glove box. It appeared like the suspect smashed the rear windshield and climbed into the truck. They closed the glove box after they took the cash. 

The surfaces that the suspect likely touched were not conducive to taking fingerprints. Police said there were numerous items near the area that the suspect could have used to break the window. No unusual items were left in the vehicle.

The larceny resulted in a total of approximately $400 in damages and cash stolen. There is no suspect information at this time.

GRCC police can be contacted at 616-234-4911.

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