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Graffiti in parking ramp and person’s assist in July 6-12 police reports

Close up of GRCC Police Department sign from Bostwick Avenue. (Alena Visnovsky/The Collegiate)

By Alena Visnovsky and James Herold

Person’s assist at GRCC Administration Building

On Wednesday, July 6, around 6:40 a.m. Grand Rapids Community College Police were dispatched to GRCC’s Administration Building regarding an unknown man, wearing a black hoodie, sleeping on the grass. 

Upon arrival, the police were able to wake the man up without touching him and started talking with him. He said he was homeless and wanted to go to Pine Rest for treatment. Police asked him if it was an emergency or if he felt like hurting himself, and the man shook his head no. He commented that an ambulance probably wouldn’t drive him down there either. 

Police mentioned Network 180 as an option for him, if he wasn’t intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal or prescription drugs. Officers then gave the address for the facility to the man, and he said he would walk there on his own. He then left walking northbound on Prospect Ave NE.

GRCC police ran the man’s name through the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) and noted he had a mental health order, with no pick up instructions. He had two no contact orders that he had already served and was not violating. 

Graffiti discovered in Parking Ramp 1

On July 8, at approximately 10:40 p.m. GRCC Police were on foot patrol walking through Ramp 1 (Bostwick Ramp) when they noticed some graffiti spray painted on the stairway door on level 6 of the west stairwell. 

The graffiti said “DICK & BALLS” in pink lettering. Officers emailed Abbot Kastanek, GRCC Director of Facilities Management, and informed him of the damage. 

Man sleeping on College Park Plaza

On July 12 at approximately 7 p.m. GRCC Police came in contact with a man sleeping by a dumpster while completing a property check at College Park Plaza at 180 Division Ave N.E.

Officers woke up the man and told him that he could not sleep there. He gathered his belongings while dispatch ran a file check. He left the property without incident and has no prior contact with the GRCC Police Department.

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