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2022 Michigan Primary is tomorrow, August 2!

Voters and poll workers at Crissman Elementary in Shelby Township, Michigan, use social distancing and plexiglass barriers at the 1st precinct on August 4, 2020. (Max Ortiz/The Detroit News/TNS)

By Braeden Pelton and Shane Madden

The 2022 Michigan Primary is tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022. Michiganders will have an opportunity to vote on which candidates will make the general election ballot in November. Michigan is an open primary state, meaning any resident can vote in the primary regardless of political affiliation.

The most prominent item on the ballot will be deciding which of the five Republican Gubernatorial candidates will go up against incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the November election. Voters will be choosing between Tudor Dixon, Ryan Kelley, Ralph Rebandt, Kevin Rinke, and Garrett Soldano.

State Governor Republican candidates

Tudor Dixon is the founder of Lumen news, a media service for young students to showcase pro-America and pro-Constitution news. Dixon has stated that she believes Whitmer’s statewide shutdown for Covid-19 caused immense damage and plans to work to undo all of Whitmer’s decisions. 

“First and foremost, I want to see education freedom in the state of Michigan, so that parents have a say in their child’s education,” Dixon said in an interview with NPR.

Ryan Kelley has said he believes in the political power of the people. According to Kelley, the people hold the power to their rights and should make the decisions, not the government. As such, Kelly stands by the Second Amendment, medical freedom in the case of vaccine card requirements, and is pro-life. He was arrested in June on misdemeanor charges for participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection. He pleaded not guilty to the charges in federal court in July and is expected back in court in September. If convicted he faces up to four years in prison. Kelley takes a similar stance on election integrity. 

“If you see something you don’t like happening with the (voting) machines, if you see something going on, unplug it from the wall. Take control of the narrative,” Kelley said

Ralph Rebandt has worked hard on a project he calls “The Lighthouse Compact.” The compact states that Michigan and the United States in general need God to help run the country. His plan is to restore Judeo-Christian values to spiritually cure the country and remove the amoral sexualization and conversion of children. According to his Lighthouse Compact, “The sexualization and transgender-ization of our culture is a direct result of the rejection of the God of nature, and now the laws of nature. We must restore our foundational Judeo-Christian values to our society.”

Kevin Rinke is very focused on education. He wants to reintegrate standardized testing and stop any curriculum from adding Critical Race Theory to stop showing children racially motivated content and increase their test scores.

“The system needs to provide your children opportunities and curriculum that prepare them for life, not to indoctrinate them with politically racially motivated courses like CRT that deny our state and country’s progress and history,” Rinke stated on his website rinkformichigan.gov.

Garrett Soldano said he believes in fairness and wants to restore checks and balances in government and allow for conservative voices to be heard in the media. He helped work with Unlock Michigan to remove Whitmer’s power to keep the state closed as he viewed it as “unjust and tyrannical.” He claims social media platforms silence anyone who speaks out with a right leaning opinion and the offender becomes a victim of cancel culture. Soldano said he plans to make social media a space for everyone to speak their mind. He’s received heat in recent weeks for his comments regarding his “unapologetically pro-life” views and his opinion on exceptions for abortions in the case of rape.

“They don’t know that the baby inside them may be the next President, the next person to change humanity,” Soldano said. “We’re always going to fight for life.” 

3rd district Representative candidates

With Trump’s endorsement, Republican John Gibbs shares several policies with the former president including wanting to increase security at the southern border, the implementation of pro-life policies, and to protect the medical freedoms of American citizens.

Republican incumbent Peter Meijer’s ballotpedia page stated, “the three key issues of his campaign are protecting constitutional rights, economic freedom, and national security.”

With security in mind, Meijer has written a bill to allow an increase in funding to local law enforcement, and has pressured President Biden regarding the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Meijer has also faced backlash from his own party for voting to impeach Trump due to the Jan. 6 insurrection. 

Democrat Hillary Scholten plans to fight to make Medicare, Social Security, and healthcare more accessible to everyone. Scholten wants to keep the healthcare system advancing while opening it up to more people as many people don’t have access to it. Meanwhile she wants to decrease  requirements to access services like Medicare and lower the cost of prescription medications.

“I’ll fight efforts to raise the retirement age, or to cut or privatize our social safety net. Instead, I’ll work to make these programs more efficient by cracking down on waste, fraud, and abuse, and letting Medicare negotiate the cost of drug prices,” Scholten stated on her site hillaryscholten.com.

8th district state Senator candidates

Democrat Marshall Bullock II focuses on community improvement, working to help get funding for places like Palmer Park. He spoke out with other state senators regarding the Patrick Lyoya shooting.

Democrat Mallory McMorrow stands with human rights. Pushing for bills like the banning of conversion therapy and placing Indigenous Peoples’ day as a public holiday. She spoke out against the Republican party’s treatment of the LGBTQ+ community.

Campaign information was unavailable for Republican Brandon Ronald Simpson.

6th district state Representative candidates

Democrat Danielle Hall sits on several community boards, and is a state worker. Her primary goal is to better education in the state and diversify representation in Michigan schools.

Democrat Myya Jones ran for the mayoral position in Detroit in 2017 and for the 4th district state rep. position in 2018. Jones wants to give the people more transparency from the government so the people can see what goes on in office.

Campaign information was unavailable for Democrat Mark Murphy Jr. and Republican Charles Villerot.

Democrat Regina Weiss is very dedicated to community and school funding. Weiss upheld that we need to invest more into our schools and communities.

“The State of Michigan currently ranks 50th out of 50 when it comes to investing tax dollars back into local communities,” Weiss stated on her website, weissforstaterep.com.

Weiss plans to work to reallocate money towards these subjects. Another one of her key points is enacting anti-racist legislation. Devoting time to reforming the criminal justice system and putting more restrictions on police officers.

For more information about candidates and precincts, please see the Michigan primary ballot on the state ballot index.

Deadline for registration for the August election for any way other than in person was July 18, with the in-person deadline being election day. If you’d still like to vote in the November election, the remote registration deadline is Oct. 24 and in-person is Nov. 8. If you’d like to know which precinct you’re in, please visit the information page of michigan.gov.

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