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GRCC welcomes students back to campus

Students in the GRCC bookstore on Aug. 29, the first day of the fall 2022 semester. (Mia Kerner/The Collegiate)

By Mia Kerner

Grand Rapids Community College’s fall semester is back in full swing, welcoming many new students to the campus. While navigating unfamiliar schedules and classes, students are enjoying the warm communal welcome from fellow students and professors alike. 

Flooding the sidewalks and weaving in and out of classrooms, new students encountered the initial rush of foot traffic that accompanies the first days of a new semester. 

Whether it be waiting in line at the bookstore, scanning the menus of the Raider Grille and Quiet Cafe, or just strolling around campus, it is evident in the students’ faces that they are glad to be back to the classic Raider lifestyle. 

Freshman Charlie Remelts, a Promise Zone Scholarship recipient, shares that his first day “went pretty smooth.”

Remelts said, “It was difficult getting used to the campus but I know it’ll get easier as the year goes on.”

“I chose GRCC because of how close I live and how well the transfer credits work,” says Remelts, who is pursuing a career in exercise science.

Grand Valley State University transfer, Jaye Guichelaar, felt that GRCC’s campus was “much easier to navigate” than her previous campus, even during the frenzy of the first day. 

“I also love being downtown and having classes in the city,” Guichelaar added.

Ethan Mulder, a Grand Rapids local, shared that his first day was “very exciting” and “felt like a breath of fresh air having new teachers and meeting new people.”

Mulder, who is studying pre-dental, is most looking forward to “finally making advances” in pursuing his career at GRCC, while “learning things that are genuinely useful” for his future endeavors. 

GRCC student center employee, Tyler Anderson, shared that the first day back has been “very busy.” 

“We’re glad to see people back around here,” Anderson said. “We’re running RaiderCards all day, open hours 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday this week. It really feels like we are back to normal, whatever normal feels like nowadays.”

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