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A perfectly imperfect wild ride: A review of Netflix’s “The Imperfects”

Poster art for Netflix's TV show, The Imperfects. (Courtesy of IMDb)

By Jamie Miller

Greetings dear Nightlighters, it is I, “the almost vampire” Jamie Miller here with another Nightlight. Now you may not know this but between repeated viewings of “Angel,” “Andromeda” and other shows that have long faded to the memory of the past, I am always itching to find a new show to watch, so when I heard Netflix was releasing a new horror sci fi mix I was pumped. And it did not disappoint. 

“The Imperfects” which dropped on Netflix on Sept. 8, tells the tale of three young adults by the names of Juan, Tilda and Abbi who in their youth went through an experimental gene therapy in order to combat a rare disease all three possessed. Many years later the three start to experience side effects, and these side effects aren’t as simple as a sore throat or a cough. These side effects are…monstrous.

The series stars Morgan Taylor Cambell known for bit parts in films such as “Power Rangers” as Tilda Webe, a rebellious alcohol-loving, aspiring punk rock singer who develops banshee-like powers including superhuman hearing and a sonic scream. 

Rhianna Jagpal who has had small parts in shows such as “The Flash,” stars as Abbi Singh, a nerdy wannabe geneticist who gained Succubus-like powers via pheromones allowing her to influence people to do as she wants. 

Inaki Godoy who has had roles in multiple Spanish language films such as “Who killed Sara” stars as Juan Ruiz, the youngest of the three, who is an aspiring comic book artist and is the quietest of the three, he possesses the power to turn into a werewolf-like creature referred to as a Chupacabra with increased strength, speed, agility and a hunger for living flesh. 

Also along for the ride are Italia Ricci of “Designated Survivor” fame as doctor Sydney Burke, a brilliant geneticist who assists the three in their mission to track down the man who mutated them, her old friend doctor Alex Sarkov. Sarkov is played by comedian Rhys Nicholson, an annoying, arrogant, condescending man. 

Kyra Zagorsky of “Helix” fame plays the part of Isabella Finch, a mysterious and murderous woman with a murky and unknown connection to Burke, constantly two steps ahead of the group. Ron Selmour, known for parts in films like “Blade: Trinity” plays the part of agent Jim Sponson, a ruthless agent for a shadowy organization that seeks to capture the three by any means necessary.

This show is really good. I mean the characters–save for Doctor Sarkov–are likable and Sponson is a memorable villain. The humor is top notch and the acting is phenomenal. Though if I had one complaint it’s the fact that two minor characters by the name of Doug and Owen weren’t used to their full potential. Still it’s a phenomenal show, easily seven torches out of 10.

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