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GRCC music presents Kent Philharmonic Orchestra Oct. 21


By Megan Matthews

Grand Rapids Community College music program presents Kent Philharmonic Orchestra at their upcoming concert at 7:30p.m on Friday, Oct. 21. The event will be held at the Saint Cecilia Music Center in the Royce Auditorium, 24 Ransom Ave. NE, in Grand Rapids. Admission costs $14 for adults, and $7 for students, seniors, and veterans. GRCC students can attend for free with their Raider-Card ID.

The Kent Philharmonic orchestra is a community-based orchestra with musicians varying in all backgrounds, ages, and music experiences. It is directed by Libor Ondras, who is also a sting specialist. The theme of the concert is Dia De Los Muertos or, The Day of the Dead, and includes many connections to popular culture, stories, and movies. The pieces to be performed include “The Isle of the Dead op. 29,” “Danzon No.2,” “El Salon Mexico,” and Music from Coco featuring dancers from the Michigan Ballet Academy.

“(The Music From Coco piece) is kind of a short little suite of main tunes to which Erica Goss Designed choreography to feature the culture, some references to the story Coco, but mainly to showcase the talent of the Michigan Ballet Academy,” said Ondras, urging the campus community to attend the upcoming concert in order to submerge themselves into a new exploration of music. “I guarantee that if you give classical music a chance there will be something that is going to speak to you.”

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