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GRCC hosts Smash Your Stress event


By A’Mya Saffore

Grand Rapids Community College’s PTK Honor society is hosting the Smash Your Stress event on Nov. 2, at the plaza between RJF/Cook and the parking structure under the tent. Which will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“People can write their stressors on a pumpkin and smash it,” said Lynnae Selberg, associate professor and academic adviser.  Pick up a flyer on stress, or a meditation card. Or they can spin the wheel for parking passes, candy, fidget spinners, Raider bucks or other stress release toys. There will be free doughnuts, hot cider, hot chocolate for students.” 

Last year this same event was held as it goes along with the Honor Study Topic: “The art and science of play.” This year the event is being led by students Kim Budde and Missy Gheorghiu.

“We hope students have fun, release some stress and just enjoy each other’s company,” Selberg said.


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