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Raiders struggle against Muskegon Community College 35-62

GRCC women's basketball in a timout vs. Bay College (Alena Visnovsky/The Collegiate).

By Kevin Lopez

The Raiders continued their conference play as they went on the road to battle the school that ended their season last year, Muskegon Community College on Jan 25.

It was an offensive struggle for the Raiders as they couldn’t find the basket in the first quarter. They shot a combined two for 13 from the field, while also getting dominated on the glass allowing three offensive rebounds. The Raiders grabbed zero offensive rebounds and only three defensive rebounds, while the Jayhawks grabbed 11.

The Raiders were fumbling opportunities in the first quarter as they were missing easy shots, while allowing easy shots for the Jayhawks as they scored 12 points in the paint and were down 6-20 to end the quarter.

Moving into the second quarter, the Raiders played better scoring 13 points, but still struggled as their energy seemed low and their offense seemed disorganized. The Jayhawks continued the frenzy as they had four and-ones in the quarter, but didn’t capitalize on the free throws as they shot two for seven.

Despite everything, the Raiders were able to cut it to just seven points, but a 14-6 run in favor of the Jayhawks to end the half put them up 34-19.

The third quarter was a repeat of the first half as the Raiders continued to struggle offensively, but they were able to match the Jayhawks on the glass, grabbing 13 defensive rebounds, while also playing good defense forcing three turnovers and limiting the Jayhawks to 13 points in the quarter.

Marlene Bussler, a sophomore guard, led the team in scoring with nine points, had an acrobatic and-one layup while also converting on the free throw to cut the lead to just 12 points, but the Raiders couldn’t capitalize on the play as they continued to miss shots. They trailed the Jayhawks 26-46.

Moving into the final quarter, the Raiders were hoping for a miracle, but it wasn’t meant to be as they played their most efficient basketball in the fourth. Still, they only scored nine points in the quarter and had four turnovers.

It seemed to be an off night for the Raiders tonight as they lost the game 35-62, dropping their record to 8-6, bringing their conference record to 2-2 and their road record to 2-5.

GRCC’s head coach David Glazier was not happy with how his team played tonight.

“We didn’t execute offensively and we didn’t play together,” Glazier said. “Saturday could be trouble if this group doesn’t start playing together.”

The Raiders look to their next game as they continue their road stretch against Kirtland Community College at 1 p.m. on Jan. 28 in Roscommon.

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