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GR Hosting a Goth Prom Formal Dancing Experience


By Megan Matthews

The Grand Rapids Little Space Studio is hosting a goth prom, from 7 to 11 p.m. on Feb. 18 at 111 Division Avenue South..

The theme of the event will be “Night in New Orleans”  and include a formal dancing experience featuring DJs BittaSweet and SpookyBoot, and a goth-themed drag floor show with the queens of Beauty Beyond Drag Productions. 

“We set it up to be not unlike a high school prom,” said Abbey Hunter, co-host of the event. “There’s going to be a dance floor and a DJ, but we just opened it up to be more alternative and accepting of the other community and the punk community.” 

Other activities provided include tarot card reading, tea dueling, a vintage typewriting room for poetry, a photo booth, and a Prom King and Queen or a non-gendered title of the winner’s choosing at the end of the night. 

“I’m really excited about everything,” said Katrina Peshka, the event host. “The fashions! The music! The shows! Seeing our Royal Couple get crowned! I’m just really geeked about the whole thing.”

The event will consist of formal attire, but guests are encouraged to get creative with their outfits. 

“Just be your full-blow goth selves,” said Hunter. “We are expecting a lot of vintage styles, but also it’s a night in New Orleans themed so we expect a lot of that attire as well.

There will be a table of various charcuterie spreads as well as mocktails and tea being served including a smoked blueberry lavender french soda. Guests will have areas to break off from loud music or crowds to enjoy refreshments or simply spend some time in the quiet. 

“A lot of us have never really felt like we belonged at a high school prom whether it’s because of differing personalities, social awkwardness, or struggling to deal with these large crowds,” said Hunter. “So, really this event is about a space for people to be themselves because we remember what it was like to be in that awkward high school stage.”

The event will be annual, creating a safe place for people who have more alternative tastes.

“After enjoying having multiple spots that catered to the goth community back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, there really aren’t a lot of opportunities for Grand Rapids goths to get together, wear their darkest clothes, dance to goth music, and just enjoy being with a bunch of like minded people anymore,” Peshka said.. “We wanted to provide that to the community.”

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