GRCC Students Tell Their Biggest Red Flags


For some, Valentine’s day is a reminder of the love they share with their special someone. For others, it’s an incessant, yearly nudge to reflect on one’s dormant love life. If you find yourself relating more with the ladder then perhaps this year you could look inward and discover if you possess any dreaded “red flags”. 

To help you with this introspective venture, The Collegiate asked students on Grand Rapids Community College’s campus to reveal their biggest dating red flags.

Quavon Hallann, an 18-year-old pre-business major had an incredibly specific yet valid response to this question saying, “One of the red flags is if you’re pregnant (and) somebody’s fiance, you probably shouldn’t ask somebody out on a date. Or try to ask if you can come over to their house like… that’s kind of a no-no for me.”

Juliana Tiensivu, an 18-year-old math science major had a more relatable red-flag saying, “A person that’s very judgmental with (your) interests. Like you try to talk about something and they just kind of like go, ‘Mm, no no. Don’t talk about that’”. 

Referring to Tinder picture red-flags, Ella Baker, a 19-year-old psychology major said, “A picture with like a fish. Like holding a fish (or) like hunting.” Baker then demonstrated a psychopathic smirk which is often seen on the faces of men in these photos with dead animals.

An 18-year-old student and aspiring vet tech, Taryn Vannoy had a pretty reasonable take on the matter, saying, “Being like extremely jealous to the point where it’s like, (they) won’t let me talk to my anyone especially(my) friends.”

The general consensus from students was that certain astrology signs are immediately worth raising eyebrows. Tieasiu claimed that Virgos, known for being critical and picky, are the worst on the astrology chart. Meanwhile, Baker claimed that specifically Capricorn men are the most lamentable group.

“Just from my experience… Narcissists, I’m telling you,” Baker said.

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