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Deadline for the application of GRCC’s 300 scholarships is coming up soon

Blace Carpenter/The Collegiate

By Mackenzie Davis 

The hassle of filling out applications and forms for scholarships can be stressful for students juggling work, families and school. The Grand Rapids Community College foundation scholarship application is one way students can receive financial help without the stress. 

The application, which takes about 15 minutes to fill out, applies to more than 300 scholarships within GRCC. These scholarship funds hold over $1 million that will be distributed to qualified students who fill out the form. 

According to Riley Brooket, GRCC’s scholarship coordinator, the benefits of these scholarships are numerous. 

“I think they are really important just because it gives students opportunities that they might not have had without the scholarships,” Brooket said. “…It’s a super easy way to get money to go to college. It helps with paying tuition, it can help you buy books.” 

During the 2021-2022 school year 1,642 students received $1.3 million in scholarships from the GRCC foundation. 

This form can be accessed by signing on to your PortalGuard and clicking on the scholarship application app. There you can find the general application for these 300-plus scholarships. This opportunity not only applies to students currently attending GRCC but also future raiders as well. High school students enrolled in the college can also fill out this application with the same steps. 

The application is available for students to fill out from now until the priority deadline on March 15, 2023. So whether waiting for a class to start, eating a sandwich at the school’s subway or even watching TV, students can fill out this form for the chance to be rewarded for the hard work they accomplish at GRCC. 

Application can be found at grcc.edu/scholarships

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