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Ke Huy Quan delivers most touching moment at the Oscars


By Kaden Boock

The Oscars are always known to produce extremely buzzworthy moments, and this year’s event was no exception. Although the excitement around the Will Smith slap last year is hard to beat, this year’s Oscars still provided a plethora of memorable moments. Rihanna and Lady Gaga both brought amazing performances, and Jimmy Kimmel kept the show entertaining and humorous as the host of the 95th Academy Awards. However, the most touching and memorable moment for me came from the winner of best supporting actor. 

Ke Huy Quan was awarded with best supporting actor for his work in the film “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” and his acceptance speech was incredibly moving. Quan shared that he was a refugee that fled Vietnam as a child, and stayed in a refugee camp in Hong Kong for a year with his family before being able to come to the United States. 

“My journey started on a boat. I spent a year in a refugee camp, and somehow I ended up here on Hollywood’s biggest stage. They say stories like this only happen in the movies, I cannot believe it’s happening to me,” said Quan in his acceptance speech. Despite his traumatic beginnings, he has built an amazing career and as he said in his speech, “This is the American dream.” 

Quan’s career began to take off only four years after his family got to America when he landed a role in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” quickly followed by a role in the iconic film “The Goonies.” His early success was followed by an appearance in another “Indiana Jones” film and only a couple other movies in the 40 years after that. “Everything Everywhere All At Once” could not have been a better comeback film for him to be a part of, especially after taking home seven Oscars this year as a production.

However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t times during the less active era of Quan’s career that he had his concerns. He discussed past worries in his acceptance speech, and accredited his wife for getting him to this moment. 

“I owe everything to the love of my life, my wife Echo, who month after month, year after year for 20 years, told me that one day, one day my time will come.” Quan continued to share inspiring advice to the audience watching, 

“Dreams are something you have to believe in. I almost gave up on mine. To all of you out there, please keep your dreams alive.”

Moments like watching Quan win his Oscar are what can make awards shows so entertaining to view. Seeing the underdog come out on top against all odds is always a moving moment, and Quan is the most deserving actor for it. His story is a great example and great encouragement to keep chasing your dreams as he stated, because hard work and belief in yourself can take you far. Quan is the best story of this year’s Oscars, because he has reminded the audience what greatness a dream can do.

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