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GRCC Students share their thoughts about their first day back to school

(Blace Carpenter/The Collegiate)

Going back to school can be challenging, especially on the first day. Long lines in the bookstore, finding a place to park, and making first impressions can be daunting. The Collegiate interviewed some students about their first-day experiences at Grand Rapids Community College. 

While it was a race against the clock to find a good parking spot in previous years, many students said it was fairly easy to find one this semester. 

“(It was) fine, I guess,” said Ayden Travis, 19, of Cedar Springs. “It didn’t take as long as it did my first day last year.” 

“I got here at 9:30 before a lot of the other students got here, so I’m parked on the roof of this building (Ramp A),” said Madison Duss, 18, of Pocahontas, Ark. “It was fine.”

After securing a spot in the parking lot, locating your first class is the number one priority. A couple of students reported good first impressions of their professors and high hopes for their semester.

“It was good. I mean, the teacher was really nice,” said Rivgine Vincent, 19, of Wyoming.

“I really like the professor. She’s cool,” said Duss. “I think I’ll get what I was looking to get out of it.” 

At the end of each semester, students can achieve the goals they set at the beginning of the year and depart from campus. A lot of students just hope to pass their classes. 

“(I’m) really just getting by, I just moved here from far away,” Duss said. 

“I want to make sure I pass all my classes,” Vincent said.

Likewise, Travis said he wants to  “just get as good of grades as I can.” 

They say the first day is always the hardest, but it eventually ends. The semester will get easier as you settle into classes and get to know your peers, schedule, and professors. The first day is down, with many more to go. Good luck, GRCC!

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