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Grand Rapids gets a little Foxy


By Mattie Kropf
A&E Editor

Considering they were only the opening band, Foxy Shazam stole the show last Friday night at the Orbit Room.

Anberlin and Circa Survive were the bands most people came to see, but everyone got a pleasant surprise with Foxy Shazam.

The band gave one hell of a performance. Eric Nally, the band’s lead singer, never once stopped moving. His curly mohawk shook as he jumped around the stage, even at one point wearing a cymbal as a hat and letting drummer Aaron McVeigh play off his head.

Known for his cigarette eating abilities, Nally didn’t let the crowd down. As cries of “eat cigarettes” were shouted throughout the audience, Nally lit two cigarettes. He smoked them momentarily while continuing to belt out his powerful high-pitched lyrics, them turned them around, cherry first and ate them.

Trumpet player, Alex Nauth, threw his trumpet high into the air and caught it perfectly timed before he played a solo.

Nally climbed onto guitarist, Loren Turner’s shoulder as they both continued to perform.

The pianist, Sky White stood on his keyboard, layed across it, did a handstand next to it and continued to play through it all. After the concert, he was in the back hallway talking with fans.

“I love to watch the confusion on people’s faces who haven’t seen us before,” White said.

For anyone who hadn’t heard of Foxy Shazam before was surely surprised by the intense performing that makes Foxy Shazam one of the best bands to see live.

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